Our proprietary analytics platform BoldLens™ tracks your paid, owned, earned and social media activity vs the KPIs you care about, all in one place, visible to you, 24/7.

This means all brand and communications activity is now fully accountable. Together we can see more, react faster, and find the gap.

Get in touch or book a demo, and we’ll show you how BoldLens™ can transform your business growth.


View a snapshot of your entire business on the Overview page. Track your activity and KPIs day-on-day, month-on-month and year-on-year.

From web traffic, to sales, leads, conversions, organic branded search, press coverage, social mentions and positivity ratings – monitor your business’s progression.

What’s more, if a KPIs dips below a set level we alert you to hit the REMEDY button. Boldspace’s integrated agency offering will suggest a fast, reactive scope of work to get you back on track.

Brand Exposure

We track your brand exposure through global media monitoring, social listening and paid campaign tracking – overlaid with your commercials and ROI, all in one place.

We simplify and deconstruct complex data to provide the information you really need on a regular basis, and make sure your whole team understands it.

Audience & Traffic

We ensure our clients know their audience – from exactly where engaged traffic is coming from across device, location and media type; to how this is impacting commercial performance.

We also enable inbound link tracking, including from PR coverage, meaning clients can measure – in traffic, revenue and sales terms – what value a single referrer has and how different channels are performing as a whole.

Sales & Product

We track sales performance at a macro and micro level – including overall orders and revenue, average order values and product breakdowns. When combined with the other dashboards, we identify correlations between brand messaging, exposure, traffic and reputation vs. your commercial success.

Competitive Intelligence

We provide deep competitor intelligence bespoke to you, tracking competitive sets and monitoring share of voice across all channels. We showcase brand mentions, paid performance – demonstrating what competitors are spending their marketing budget on – as well as search rankings, keyword opportunities and SEO strategy.


We monitor clients’ reputations through sentiment tracking across press and social to provide a holistic view of brand health.

We collate external reviews and ratings from several industry specific platforms as well as tracking internal benchmarks – from NPS scores to customer feedback. We ensure a closer connection between a brand and its customers.

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