Boldspace is a brand strategy and communications agency bringing together advertising, marketing and PR for the next generation of challenger brands and ambitious businesses on a mission.

We empower our clients and team with a pioneering approach to communications – fusing the most advanced technology with the finest creative minds to form a Whole World Brand View™.

We discover unprecedented white space and create strategy, content and campaigns more targeted, dynamic and transparent than ever before. We report everything back in real-time and predict what’s coming next.

We exist to ensure our clients boldly own their territory and understand that in the perpetual pursuit of brand purpose, impact and growth – advertising, PR and marketing cannot continue to operate in archaic silos.

Boldspace innovates within and across owned, earned and paid media, putting effectiveness, relevance and efficiency at the core of our offering. We only identify necessary channels, challenging and guiding our clients to winning positionings with creativity, engagement and cost efficiency always paramount.

We review and remedy.

We create and launch.

We target and track.

We take your brand to a bold new space.

Brand strategy



We examine audiences, markets and products through both data and emotion. We carry out communications audits, user engagement, customer experience, and customer perception research. We align visions with market needs and ensure brands boldly stand for something.



We live for winning white space. We carry out deep competitor analysis, identifying market opportunities and bold ownable territories for both new and established brands; utilising our technology as well as our hearts and minds.



Our consulting methodology for growth combines our bespoke technology with engaging team sessions. We identify barriers and unearth key opportunities, from awareness and sentiment to operations and conversion. We define and drive purpose, build brands and propel ambitious visions.



We turn our strategies into simple, memorable actions across each necessary contact point between brand and audience. We plan for precision, meaning and impact; defining what we are going to say, where we need to say it and why it will matter.




We work with some of the world’s finest creative minds to create bold, simple, memorable ideas. Our creative briefs are stronger and more targeted because our approach efficiently identifies bold new space in which to innovate, create and cut-through.



Along with our talented in-house team, we utilise a global network of the finest researchers, copywriters, designers and filmmakers to create powerful owned, earned and paid content. We also leverage the power of our technology with A.I. generated, SEO optimised articles for 'always on’ newsworthy communications.



We deliver multi-channel campaigns that ensure our clients are ever-present, owning the channels that matter to deliver the outcomes they need. We set goals and go above and beyond to outperform them; managing focused, targeted campaigns from start to finish whilst tracking, adjusting and reporting transparently, in real-time.


Corporate Reputation

We create, enhance and protect the reputations of our clients. Our Whole World Brand View™ approach ensures we communicate beyond consumers; thinking about every group that will influence the success of our clients, from investors and journalists to policymakers and regulators. We devise and deliver stakeholder engagement programmes with a difference.




BoldLens™ tracks billions of data points and aggregates the results. We convert what clients need to know into bespoke, simple, visual information. This is accessible via reports delivered straight to your inbox and a custom dashboard for your brand, updated in real-time, 24/7.



We measure and benchmark by combining social listening, brand sentiment, engagement statistics, campaign performance and conversion rates. We track paid, owned and earned media, overlaying all communications activity with live sales data to track ROI. We monitor both our clients and their competition, forever focused on utilising bold new space.


Analysis & Insight

We analyse vast aggregated data making sense of an overly complicated world and convert the findings into actionable insights, delivered to our clients on a regular basis, ensuring constant competitive advantage.


Predictive A.I.

We also use our technology to predict how a news story will perform to 90% accuracy. We analyse how a campaign will perform, which channels will drive increased brand sentiment, conversion and ROI, and we track against our predictions.