We see more,
create better
and find the gap.

Boldspace brings together advertising, marketing and PR through a pioneering approach - fusing the finest strategic and creative minds with our award-winning proprietary analytics platform BoldLens™.

We discover what we call the bold space, the place our clients will win - building meaningful brands and bold communications with brand strategy, creativity and effectiveness always paramount.

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Our Model

2020 - 2023

Our story

Boldspace launched in May 2020 to serve the needs of modern businesses on a mission.
The agency landscape was broken, siloed and slow, but we saw a different way.

Where creativity and technology combine to transform and propel ambitious visions.
Where we view the whole market landscape in real time, and so do our clients.
Where our work exists to drive value.
Where activity and results are visible and transparent, 24/7.
Where data is not complicated, expensive and reserved for multi-nationals.
Where the finest, cut-through creative is not priced with corporate overheads.
Where our team is fulfilled, smart and driven enough to control their work-life balance.
Where we achieve true, effective integration.
Where everyone and every skillset, interacts.

Our services



  • Brand Research
    Brand Strategy
    Brand Identity
    Brand Guidelines
    Brand Design
    Campaign Planning
  • Boldspace grows the reach, relevance and resonance of your brand.
  • Brand Research

    We research audiences, markets and identities through data, hearts and minds, carrying out competitor analysis and brand communications audits to uncover rich insights.

  • Brand Identity

    We build strong identities. We define positioning, purpose, mission, vision, narrative, benefits, behaviours, values, expression, tone, look and feel – through powerful words and stunning visuals.

  • Brand Design

    We create beautiful brand assets, graphics, websites, digital experiences, packaging, installations, communications, campaigns and data visualisations.

  • Brand Strategy

    We take you to your bold space. We build strategic, accountable plans that solve problems and propel ambitious visions.

  • Brand Guidelines

    We craft compelling brand guidelines that align, define and steer brand visions into the future with cohesion and clarity.

  • Planning

    We turn strategy into action at all key audience touchpoints. Whether global campaigns or social governance guides, we build effective brand ecosystems.

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  • Integrated Campaigns
    Press Office
    Social & Influencer
    Crisis Communications
    Film Production
  • Boldspace crafts compelling creative, content and campaigns for corporate, consumer and B2B audiences.
  • Integrated Campaigns

    Our talented, diverse team of strategists, creatives, copywriters and designers create multi-channel content and campaigns across paid, owned, earned and social.

  • Social & Influencer

    We get our clients talked about, delivering social-first campaigns and leveraging authentic influencer partnerships to drive conversations and brand fame.

  • Creative

    We create big ideas and bold, memorable campaigns. Our creative briefs are tighter and more targeted because we understand how to ideate in the bold space.

  • Press Office

    We believe in the power of earned media to cut-through. Our team of media experts bring vast experience - from consumer and lifestyle to business and financial - to drive the coverage you need.

  • Crisis Communications

    We protect brand value in times of stress, putting decades of experience to work in advising and guiding our clients through any crisis that could hit them.

  • Film Production

    Our talented in-house team utilises a global network of directors, DOPs, producers and filmmakers to make social-first film that makes people feel.

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  • Overview
    Brand Exposure
    Audience & Traffic
    Market Intelligence
    Sales & Product
  • BoldLens™ is a data and analytics platform that tracks all your communications activity across PR, advertising and marketing and overlays the KPIs you care about, all in one place, visible to you. 24/7.
  • Overview

    A snapshot of your entire brand and business activity. Track % growth across all key metrics in one view, whether day-on-day or year-on-year.

  • Audience & Traffic

    Demographics and audience engagement, location, referrers, and channel performance.

  • Market Intelligence

    Share of voice, share of brand mentions, share of traffic, share of search and keyword strategy vs competitor sets.

  • Brand Exposure

    Global media monitoring, social listening, and paid campaign tracking, segmented by sub-brand and region.

  • Sales & Product

    Real-time sales and revenue figures, product trends, order and location data. Understand the sources of your conversions.

  • Reputation

    Sentiment tracking across press and social, external reviews and ratings, NPS scores, and employee and customer feedback.

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  • Simon S

    Simon Sherwood


  • Mike R

    Mike Robb


  • Nick FY

    Nick Ford-Young


  • Dan P

    Dan Pillay

    Head of Product - BoldLens

  • Lou K

    Lou Kelly

    Head of Consumer

  • Khush S

    Khushwant Sachdave

    Head of Newsroom

  • Therese M

    Therese Moriarty

    Head of Data & Insight

  • Tom F

    Tom Franz

    Head of Film

  • blank

    Charlie Skillen

    Head of Sport

  • Ndrew P

    Ndrew Poon

    Design Director

  • Joe M

    Joe Misseldine

    Head of Talent

  • Yuko K

    Yuko Kondo

    Art Director

  • Matt W

    Matt Weston

    Creative Director

  • Adam L

    Adam Larter

    Senior Strategy Director

  • blank

    Chloe Beckett

    Strategy Director

  • Tom Y

    Tom Yazdi

    Client Director

  • Carys

    Carys Davis

    Head of Public Affairs

  • Millan L

    Millan Lakhani

    Lead Software Engineer - BoldLens

  • Jayne C

    Jayne Crook

    Associate Director

  • Hannah P

    Hannah Parker

    Associate Director

  • Alice K

    Alice Kennedy

    Senior Account Director

  • Eloise L

    Eloïse Liddell

    Account Director

  • Jillian S

    Jillian Sypkes

    Account Director

  • Leah F

    Leah Fullalove

    Account Director

  • Nicole O

    Nicole O’Neill

    Account Manager - Social Lead

  • Merridy V

    Merridy Valentine

    Senior Consultant

  • blank

    Laura O’Neill

    Midweight Digital Designer

  • Rachel M

    Rachel Mason

    PR Consultant

  • Kristjana

    Kristjana Hillberg

    Consultant (U.S.)

  • Lydia P

    Lydia Parr


  • Lydia D

    Lydia Dunleavy


  • Matylda K

    Matylda Kesicka

    Senior Communications Executive

  • Tom H

    Tom Hill

    Senior Communications Executive

  • Marti C

    Martina Consoli

    Midweight Designer

  • blank

    Lucie Chambeau

    Junior Brand Strategist

  • Mo E

    Mo Eltigani

    Account Executive

  • blank

    James Oakley

    Account Executive - BoldLens

  • blank

    Yeamin Sidiquee

    Customer Success & Product Executive - BoldLens

  • Harleen K

    Harleen Kaur

    Communications Executive

  • blank

    Andreea Magiru

    Account Executive

  • Kirby H

    Kirby Hay

    Communications Executive

  • Sophie W

    Sophie Webster

    Junior Creative

  • Elliot P

    Elliot Payne

    Junior Creative

  • Danielle P

    Danielle Player

    Operations Manager / Executive Assistant

  • Alma D

    Alma Ditablan

    Finance Manager