Nick Ford-Young


Nick is a brand strategy and content expert. Former Managing Director of Studio Black Tomato, strategist at Brave New World and founder of Meet & Jam, Nick has led strategy and overseen creative content for some of the world’s biggest brands, as well as devised launch and growth strategies for many well-funded, ambitious start ups.

For many years he has seen what modern clients need and strongly feels the communications industries must combine, evolve and adapt to meet these needs. Nick believes each component part within a brand landscape must be considered and monitored to achieve meaningful results. Data must be turned into insightful action, ideas must be valued and given time to develop and the oversaturation of agencies, content and channels must be remedied. With a strong belief that cohesion and connectivity is the key to brand impact, Nick works under the premise that everything we do must matter and everything we say must mean something.

“Boldspace answers the call for instant, permanent transparency alongside far more informed, precise and objective strategic and creative work. Long in the making, we feel our carefully constructed balance of technology and human hearts and minds finally provides the solution. Mike, myself and the team are incredibly excited to share our vision; and make some bold waves together.”

Nick has spent several years developing a strategic approach to brand building and has guest lectured on business at several higher education institutions across the UK and NYU, New York.