10 September 2020

Boldspace launches technology platform to provide single view across all comms channels

Mike Robb

Boldspace has today announced the launch of its proprietary technology platform, BoldLens.

The system, which has been in development since February, enables clients to monitor, track, predict, and react to developing trends around their business, across all communications channels, in real-time.

The platform also monitors competitor performance across paid, earned and social channels, with the data used to identify winning opportunities on which the agency’s strategists, creatives and publicists build and execute campaigns.

BoldLens enables Boldspace to provide clients real-time insight on campaigns carried out anywhere in the world. The agency already has six clients using the platform, including ecommerce company Ecoffee Cup, healthtech business Onko, and luxury retailer Martel+Ram.

Mike Robb, Co-founder & Managing Director at Boldspace, said: “What we have built is something usually only available to the world’s largest brands; those able to throw six or seven figures at their data, insight, tracking, and intelligence. BoldLens provides the same opportunity to some of the most interesting, ambitious and fast-growing challenger businesses around today.

“Our entire model is built on the premise of agility: an agency that is able to shift its focus seamlessly between channels as the challenges faced by clients change and the data demonstrates where maximum return is being seen. BoldLens is the bedrock of this approach.”

The system lets users track and optimise short-term campaigns as well as providing a big picture, long-term view of a brand’s performance, strength and reputation.

Robb added: “This is just step one towards our vision of making data and creativity simultaneously accessible, meaningful and empowering for all brands. We have big plans for the next year and look forward to applying some cutting-edge thinking to the technology we provide our clients.”

The launch of BoldLens follows the appointment of Therese Moriarty as Head of Data & Insight in August.