To celebrate Tideway tunnel's environmental impact, we crafted 'Loo Gardens,' a magical underground installation at 50 meters, symbolizing London's plant life regeneration.

Tideway's Bold Space

Loo Gardens


Tideway aims to “reconnect London with the River Thames” through community, charity, art, and public space commitments. To highlight the tunnel’s monumental environmental impact in intercepting 95% of untreated sewage in the river, we wanted to tell the Tideway story in a meaningful and engaging way.

Our brief was to develop a creative, bold PR campaign that would inform, engage and excite audiences across media and social channels. Utilizing a 100m tunnel stretch over two weeks, we were tasked with creating a visual spectacle for press and an immersive experience for selected audiences.

How We Got There

To showcase the significant environmental impact of the Tideway Tunnel on the river ecosystem, we built an underground garden that would represent the regeneration of plant life and nature – both in London and beyond – thanks to Tideway. Nested 50 meters below ground, the garden installation featured native Thames waterside and underwater-inspired flora and repurposed waste from the riverbanks, all recycled post-event for minimal environmental impact.

Enhancing the experience, we partnered with composer Rob Lewis for a unique nature soundscape and worked with scent specialists to evoke grassy and wetland aromas in the garden. Finally, to truly connect with Londoners, we created a ticket lottery in partnership with Time Out, so members of the public could visit the garden before it disappeared forever.

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Live coverage

The campaign launched with imagery and video clips of the garden which landed coverage across online, print and broadcast titles.
We secured interviews for Tideway’s CEO Andy Mitchell with ITV News, BBC News London and London Live as well as a segment of the garden and its creation airing on ITV This Morning.

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We’re exceptionally pleased with the results of this campaign, raising awareness and bringing to life the environmental benefits of the Tideway project in a uniquely creative way. Not only did we achieve regional, national, and international coverage, we were also able to engage and build buy-in with key stakeholders, from our staff to the public. It was a pleasure to work and collaborate with Boldspace, from concept through to execution.

James Carew
Head of Communications