We advised on and implemented a modern analytics framework for the home of British motorsport, consolidating data, driving revenue and uncovering opportunities.


As a global brand, Silverstone reaches into every market and engages with millions of motorsports fans around the world every year. It has a complex set of products and data which are managed by separate teams and are often tracked inconsistently. Silverstone needed an external, objective perspective and the most up-to-date analytics practices to streamline and simplify their data process.

How We Got There

Boldspace was appointed to fix this and provide a single source of marketing information and insight. We undertook a comprehensive data and analytics review of their entire digital estate. First, we created a new data and analytics framework, then built internal capability to drive the organisation’s future data-led marketing and communications activity. We interviewed the team, conducted a full analysis of data across Silverstone properties and product lines, created a new standardised framework and rebuilt tracking and tagging processes. Above all, we integrated all relevant data sources in one place – BoldLens™ – and overlaid commercial performance indicators on all communications and marketing data.

Event Tracking | Media & Social Media Mentions | Audience & Traffic | Commercial & Sales Data | Competitor Insights | Sentiment Tracking | AI Analysis


Silverstone’s data was transformed, with consistency across all teams and a new sense of belief and confidence in what the data was telling the business. All of Silverstone’s data and analysis was integrated into BoldLens™ and is now tracked cross-channel in real-time, 24/7.

This system will completely change your life.

Silverstone Marketing Team Member