We helped a flagging cult brand regain its mojo by getting back to showing its true stripes.

TGI Fridays' Bold Space

Come as you are


Historically, TGI Fridays empowered people to celebrate and have fun, feel accepted and liberated, but in recent years the famous brand had lost its way. Sales were down and perception was of a tired and dated offering. We needed to reinvigorate the cultural relevancy of TGI Fridays, reposition and rebuild the brand.

How We Got There

We went back to TGI Fridays’ roots to redefine ‘That Fridays Feeling’ for the modern day. Our positioning ‘Come as you are’ leant into TGI Fridays being a space where everyone can feel their true selves.

We helped the brand rekindle the feeling of being a champion of true individuality, a place to let go, where whoever you are, whatever you need a release from, wherever you’re coming from or going to, you’re always welcome at TGI Fridays.


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Getting that Fridays feeling back

The brand identity needed a significant refresh, particularly to support the decision to go back from Fridays to TGI Fridays.

We developed an identity inspired by the global visual system, but with its own unique flair for the UK audience in 2023 and beyond.

Web design

We dynamically redesigned the website utilising the lively blend of vibrant colours from the new brand guidelines, bringing to life TGI’s energy and unique style. The images and content were positioned to celebrate the good times that can be had at TGIs, from family gatherings to unforgettable birthday moments. Throughout everything, the iconic TGI Fridays stripes connected each moment across the board.


Show your stripes

We relaunched the brand with a campaign under a new creative platform ‘Show Your Stripes’ that leveraged the brand’s distinctive assets and associations as well as its purpose in our audience’s lives. We ran a digital paid campaign across the UK.


True love

For Valentine’s Day, we brought together ex-Love Island contestants and a lie detector (as a reference back to an iconic moment in their season). Through a series of questions, the lie detector was used as a way to demonstrate that showing your true stripes is always the way to someone’s heart on a first date.

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Behind women’s football

We put male naysaying of women’s football where it belongs, with a challenge that let female footballers show their true stripes.


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Tracking in BoldLens™

A single source of truth

TGI Fridays came to BoldLens™ as a large multi-channel team with disparate team functions across PR, digital, SEO, CRM, advertising, and many others. TGI Fridays needed a truly integrated and collaborative approach to its external communications. We built this by underpinning 360 marketing with BI solutions and complete BoldLens™ integration.


Understanding the impact of earned media on commercial metrics

BoldLens™ enabled multiple teams to overlay real-time revenue data across their upper funnel metrics like social and press activity to ensure bottom line business impact. All of TGI Friday’s brand activity is underpinned by centralised reporting through BoldLens™, which is now used as the single source of truth internally up to and including board reporting.



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It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you and the incredibly talented team at Boldspace. I value your strategic thinking and commitment to rebuilding the brand with us. I am so proud of the work we have done together.

Rhiannon Scarlett
Chief Marketing Officer