Bringing the Christmas spirit through an iconic and beloved football team

Rangers FC's Bold Space

A fan-fuelled celebration


The Glasgow Rangers are an iconic football team with a dedicated fan base. Although they have regular content and engagement with their fans, they wanted to find a way to celebrate the Christmas and provide something special to their fans that was out of the norm of their regular content.

How We Got There

The Rangers are an iconic team in Glasgow with a legendary history. Their players all come with unique personalities that the fans know and love, and finding a way to bring those to life were imperative in the content we were creating.

So, for our Christmas spot, we reached into both the past and present – and crafted a script that incorporated the current team and past legends, so that we could truly show the full Rangers family at Christmas.

Strategy | Script-Writing | Creative | Production

Rangers Christmas Special: Players, Legends, and Festive Fun

We scripted a long-form spot that focused on bringing a Rangers family together at Christmastime. The spot included current players and Rangers legends and was complete with branded Rangers merchandise such as Christmas crackers, tree ribbon and pyjamas.

The core creative concept of the video played off the individual personalities of the current players, commentators and the legends, bringing in all of the inside jokes that the true Rangers fans know & love.

Building the narrative

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