We repositioned one of Greece’s most iconic brands for an international audience, defining their philosophy of ‘A good life, shared’, and taking it global.

DODONI's Bold Space

The good life, shared


Despite being a famous and much-loved brand in Greece, DODONI was more of a niche product in the other 50 countries it is sold in. Greek food and the Greek way of life, however, are loved all over the world. We needed to find a way to export this mindset along with all DODONI’s wonderful products.

How We Got There

Moving away from the clichéd mosaic tiles and illustrations of Greek gods, DODONI’s new positioning focused on the real Greece evoking their warmth of hospitality, the spirit of ‘filoxenia’, dining as a social experience, and sharing. A way of life that is about sharing simple, indulgent experiences with those we care about. This window into one of the best parts of Greek life formed the backbone of a new global positioning and brand guidelines, global campaign, website, packaging and social strategy.

Repositioning | Brand Guidelines | Packaging | Global Campaign | Website | Organic Social

Enjoy the little moments

The new brand identity encapsulated the feeling of ‘Good life shared’ in a way that was easily adoptable by local markets.

The visual element

Drawing inspiration from the iconic archways found around Greece, we used the arch as a design vehicle to demonstrate the beauty of Greek life no matter where you are in the world. By harnessing the arch as a branding tool, we were able to create a set of immediately  recognisable brand assets. This distinctive design element was then integrated across a wide range of mediums, from social media to photography to film.

Packaging evolution

We refreshed the international packaging design, blending the familiar and iconic red stripes with appetising and high-end food photography.

International website refresh

We developed a brand new website across 7 different international markets, with the purpose of acting as a hub for how to live a “Good Life Shared”. By featuring product information and authentically Greek recipes, the website became a place to return to for both expats and those looking to participate in the Greek way of life across the globe.

Photography asset bank

We developed a bank of brand photography for markets to use locally across platforms. Greek food made with DODONI took front and centre, whilst always being wrapped in a good life, shared moment.



As part of the new DODONI Brand Guidelines, we developed a unique illustration style to showcase different moments of ‘Good Life Shared.’ The illustrations brought the richness and soulfulness of modern Greece to life, packed with the warmth, familiarity and playfulness that typify DODONI’s distinct personality.


Global brand campaign

Our European relaunch campaign takes a series of perfect sharing moments and makes them resonate culturally with bitesize pearls of Greek quasi-wisdom. We wanted to bring the brand’s characterful warmth to the forefront whilst showing that life is always made better when sharing great food.

Five films brought to life the moments of how to share a good life, always linked to product and a serving suggestion.

A good life, shared

Social media was used to build DODONI’s brand ecosystem and target key audiences with the things they love. We brought recipes, both timeless and new, Greek food influencers and stories of a Good Life Shared together to paint a beautiful picture of the world of DODONI and its benefits.


Tracking in BoldLens

Global KPI measurement

In order to track the effectiveness of our campaign, DODONI used our proprietary marketing analytics platform BoldLens™.

BoldLens™ allows brands to track a wide range of metrics and KPIs to measure the effectiveness of marketing activity, which is especially important during a campaign like this.

For DODONI, it was important to measure both the short term and long term impact of the campaign, which was made easy through BoldLens™. One of our short term KPIs was the number of sessions recorded on their new website, and we were able to record a 2000% YoY increase in web sessions in the first full month of the campaign going live.


Always on brand tracking

In terms of more long term metrics, we implemented a Brand Pulse Check survey in BoldLens™ to measure consumer perception of DODONI in Austria, one of their focus markets for the campaign, broken down by region and with multiple questions to address the full funnel from Awareness through to Decision.

This survey was run throughout the duration of the campaign, and into the future to measure the long term impact of the work.


We’ve been absolutely delighted with Boldspace’s work in producing the Good Life Shared brand platform & international advertising campaign. The strategy, creativity, and execution across multiple platforms exceeded our expectations – and has ultimately taken our brand to a new level. We’re incredibly pleased with the positive results so far, and can’t wait to see how this work will continue to make an impact for our brand across our international markets.

Sebastien Navarro
International Marketing Director