We immortalised the construction of London’s Super Sewer through a musical sound archive.

Tideway's Bold Space

A grand opening


Tideway is a super sewer running through London that’s set to make a massive positive impact on London’s waterways. Whilst this is an engineering wonder, it wasn’t necessarily going to spark the public’s imagination. We needed to find a highly engaging way to show Tideway’s engineering credentials to the world.

How We Got There

Visually showing a 25km tunnel 70m below London was difficult and, honestly, not all that gripping to anyone who isn’t interested in engineering. However, the acoustics created by the tunnels were completely unique.

So, instead of showing miles of tunnels, we created a sonic time capsule in partnership with renowned London composer Rob Lewis, who specialises in live spaces and electronic soundscapes.

Rob and his engineer recorded the unique acoustics of the construction sounds, using its length for reverb, resulting in a distinctive sound that was then used as the sound bed for his beautiful composition.

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A sound archive of London’s Super Sewer

Live coverage

The campaign launched with a live performance from the tunnel that attracted live TV news coverage and major news publications. The composition was also launched on streaming platforms.

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We’re so pleased with the results of this campaign. It had appeal for all of our target audiences and has had real impact - raising awareness of the need for the Tideway project, as well as building buy-in from our existing stakeholders. Concept, execution, results and team approach all excellent.

Lucy Webster
Corporate Affairs