We created worlds of flavour to inspire open-minded parents to let their little ones explore, embrace and taste.

For Aisha's Bold Space

Open mouths to open minds


For Aisha is a baby food brand known for its halal offering. They wanted to creatively showcase the different flavours and recipes that make up their unique line of products, whilst using their tagline “Explore. Embrace. Taste.”

How We Got There

When you open a pouch of For Aisha, you’re introduced to a whole new world of adventure through taste. Our insight was that this is our little ones’ first opportunity to explore the world, broadening their horizons from day one. We visualised this through a series of colourful illustrations, which included key elements that defined each recipe, as well as the fantastical world and culture that could be experienced through those flavours.

Brand Strategy | Creative | Illustrations | Graphic Design

Open for adventure

Three hero images were created for a selection of For Aisha’s leading baby food pouches and pots. These lived across their website, social media, OOH and on Amazon.

The exploration goes further

Building on this idea and visual world, new executions were created for their Oaty Bars.


Boldspace has taken the time to understand our brand and what makes For Aisha special. We are delighted to be able to share this work with the world demonstrating what we see as the vibrancy, the colour and the character of our wonderful range and introducing these exciting flavours to parents and children across the UK and Europe.

Joy Parkinson
Executive Chair