12 October 2021

MHFA England appoints Boldspace to brand building, advertising and communications brief

Nick Ford-Young

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA), England the social enterprise which exists to improve the mental health of the nation, has appointed Boldspace to position and build a brand for a new workplace mental health offering, before launching it into the market through an integrated advertising and PR campaign, after a credentials pitch.

The fast-growing brand building, communications and analytics agency will be responsible for ensuring MHFA England’s crucial new mission of ensuring all businesses are equipped to look after their employees’ mental health and wellbeing, is realised.

MHFA England was launched as a community interest company in the UK in 2009, initially developed under the National Institute for Mental Health in England, part of the Department of Health. The organisation’s primary function has been to teach members of the public how to help a person experiencing mental health issues, and is on a mission to train 1 in 10 of the adult population.

Since launch, MHFA England has trained 1 in 51 people in mental health knowledge, awareness and skills so they can provide vital support. Their new product offer will now focus more heavily on tackling this at a strategic level in the workplace.

The account will be led by Boldspace Co-founder Nick Ford-Young, reporting to MHFA England Head of Brand and Marketing, Deanne Palmer.

Deanne Palmer, Head of Brand and Marketing at MHFA England, said: “We are delighted to begin working with Boldspace to move even further forward in achieving our vision to improve the mental health of the nation. Their ability to work with us at each stage of the process, from brand strategy through to campaign execution, with an equal emphasis on both data and creativity is extremely exciting.”

Nick Ford-Young, Co-founder at Boldspace said: “The opportunity to work with MHFA England is something the entire team at Boldspace is extremely excited and passionate about. We strongly believe in the necessity of ensuring all companies are supported in prioritising the mental health of their employees. We are delighted our integrated agency model will allow us to build a compelling, meaningful brand, create salient creative campaigns and PR strategies and crucially ensure success by tracking activity in real time through our analytics platform, BoldLens.”

Boldspace was shortlisted by Campaign Magazine as Start-up of the Year at the Campaign Tech Awards and New Agency of the Year at The Drum, PR Week, Provoke Media and PR Moment Awards. The 18-month-old agency now has over 30 clients across technology, healthcare, fintech, financial services, ecommerce, automotive, lifestyle and energy.