26 August 2020

Martel+Ram appoints Boldspace to integrated brief

Mike Robb

Martel+Ram, the men’s footwear provider, has appointed Boldspace to a comprehensive brief spanning strategy, creative, marketing, and PR.

Boldspace will also bring Martel+Ram onto its technology platform, due to launch in September, which will enable the business to monitor, track, predict, and react to developing trends around its business, across all communications channels, in real-time.

The business, which combines comfort and style with an entirely new product development process, has tasked the agency with defining its positioning and long-term go-to-market communications strategy. The Martel+Ram mission is to make classic English footwear with trainer-level comfort.

The work will be led by Boldspace Co-founder and Director, Nick Ford-Young, reporting to Martel+Ram Co-founder Charley Ram.

Charley Ram, Martel+Ram Co-founder, said: “We have big ambitions for this business, but breaking through in an industry steeped with some of the biggest brand names in the world undoubtedly comes with a few challenges. This is why our brand and positioning is critical to our long-term success and we are delighted to be working with Boldspace to set us on the right track. The way the agency uses technology to monitor our brand and is able to react strategically to drive growth is just incredible. Coupled with the agility they have to deliver across multiple channels, they are exactly what we need as we embark on our growth journey.”

Nick Ford-Young, Co-founder and Director at Boldspace, said: “Martel+Ram brings a new take to a traditional and well-established industry, where much of the product development process hasn’t changed in centuries. It is, therefore, just the sort of business we want to be working with at Boldspace, supporting its mission to challenge a category and demonstrate its difference. We are delighted to be working with Charley and the team.”