16 November 2020

1,000 additional trees planted in the Boldspace forest

Mike Robb

When Nick and I sat down to plan what sort of business we wanted Boldspace to be, one of the first conversations we had was around a fundamental belief that there was no point starting and growing a business if there’s no planet to run it on.

There are many advantages in setting a business up from scratch. All the issues that established firms develop over time can be banished on day one, and there’s no doubt that one of these is the long-term negative impact of big business on the world we live in.

The idea that we could, as a small business but with significant aspirations for growth in the years ahead, say that we have never had any negative impact on the environment was hugely exciting, and something we were determined to make a reality.

So I am delighted to say that in our first eight months we have been carbon negative, offsetting 44.32 tonnes of CO2 and planting more than 500 trees in the Boldspace forest across three sites in Madagascar, Mozambique and Nicaragua.

Our carbon offsetting alone in these first months is the equivalent of 34 long haul flights, 133m2 of sea ice saved or more than 100,000 miles driven in a car.

1,000 more trees planted in the Boldspace forest

Today we are planting 1,000 additional trees in the Boldspace forest – immediately tripling our positive climate impact to date and building on our ambition to do everything we can from our earliest days to drive positive impact. Ultimately, it’s actions and words that are needed from all businesses, large and small, and we’re determined to ensure that is a reality at Boldspace.

Supporting It’s Time: A Festival on Climate Action

This week, we’ve also added our support to It’s Time, a festival being hosted in place of COP26, cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The festival is a free, digital, two-day event on November 17-18, hosted in collaboration with WWF and being opened by HRH The Prince of Wales. It brings together more than 100 speakers to ensure a continued focus on climate change: COVID pandemic or not, climate change doesn’t stop.

You can find out more about It’s Time and how to take part at itstime.earth.

This is only the beginning

We may be a new and growing business right now, but we’re a business that has thus far had a positive impact on the world we live in. There are undoubted challenges to maintaining and improving this as we scale, but we are more determined than ever to ensure that whether we are 10, 100 or 1,000 people, we can forever say that we have been carbon negative from our very first breath.