Shaping Xala as a visionary destination, not just another resort.

Xala's Bold Space

Unexpected everyday moments


Xala is a world-first. A 1500-hectare, eco-friendly, community-focused development on the west coast of Mexico that’s backed by actor Richard Gere, skating pioneer Johnny Schillereff and some major hospitality brands. It consists of luxury hotels, beachfront villas, a learning centre, a mango farm, a turtle sanctuary and a working Hacienda. Instead of a golf course, Xala built a skate park.

We needed to embody the spirit, the people and the culture in a brand that stood out not only as the antithesis to ‘resorts’ as we know them, but as a cultural and geographical region on the global stage.

How We Got There

Xala’s strategy was developed through a series of interviews and workshops. We built eight cultural pillars of self-betterment – from sustainability, to education, to art and design. The visual identity was inspired by national flag design. This was supported by a rich identity, global brand guidelines, comms narratives at launch.

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Symbolic logo

The core logo stands for the vision of Xala – a community where humanity, nature and Mexican culture co-exist seamlessly. The logo in this format will always be supported by further copy that includes the word Xala written in full.

Like the flag of any nation, the Xala logo represents the mentality of the people who exist within it. Routed in traditional Mexican weaving techniques, the construction of unique geometric letterforms represents the coming together of a society built on strong values of community and sustainable practice.

The Marque Of A Destination

The visual identity brings together traditional Mexican art and flag design. The guidelines for Xala created a positioning, tone of voice and vision for what Xala will become – helping to guide comms and partnerships in the following years.

Our approach brought together the sustainable, artistic and cultural aspects of the brand in a design that pulled Xala away from ‘resort’ brands and presented a more fresh, natural and modern alternative.

The Stories Of Xala

The website was built to reflect the individual stories of Xala, the endless, simple, unexpected everyday moments which make it unique.

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