We inspired a movement to save cash deposits and withdrawals through post offices by showing how important it was for millions of Brits.

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Cash is a lifeline


In the UK, 8 million people rely on cash for their everyday lives. But the continual closing of banks on high streets meant all these people were set to be impacted. We needed to find a way that showcased the need for banks to provide access to cash deposits and withdrawals, free at the point of service, through Post Office branches.

How We Got There

We needed to land that this issue wasn’t trivial nor solely a government concern, but one affecting millions. Iconic ‘Save Our Cash’ installations were put up around cities. And we brought to life the stories of real people who would be directly impacted through a series of hard-hitting films. A combination of national press, paid social and real-world activations not only raised awareness, but helped to drive a change in legislation. It also gave us the momentum to credibly lobby the UK Government to enshrine The Banking Framework in law.

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Real Lives. Real Cash Needs

Six films told the real stories of people who were to be impacted.

Cash As A Lifeline

Installations around cities highlighted the challenges and made the plight visible in high footfall areas.


How Cash Helps

We constructed a microsite that featured an interactive quiz aimed at informing our audience about the mutual advantages of cash for both themselves and the people they depend on most. Additionally, we implemented a feature that streamlined the process of generating personalized letters to their Member of Parliament, addressing these specific concerns.



As a way of showing how cash truly represents a lifeline for people, we illustrated three specific scenarios that – quite literally – focused on cash as the solution for a variety of scenarios. This was used across social and in-store at Post Offices around the country as a way to speak to people and rally support.

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KPI measurement

This fully integrated campaign resulting in 10k letters automated and sent to MPs actually caused a change in legislation, enshrining the Banking Framework in law and protecting the access to cash for millions. Moreover, we tracked a number of custom KPIs in BoldLens to help understand the value of mixed media across a range of metrics.



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Change to UK legislation


This has been the most truly integrated, data-led and impactful campaign we have ever delivered. With everything tracked in such an accessible and insightful way, across all channels we were using, we had ongoing access to data and live reporting in a way we had not experienced previously, telling us things we would never have known and enabling us to demonstrate campaign effectiveness like never before. This campaign has set the benchmark for our campaigning going forward.

Kenneth Pritchard
Head of Parliamentary Affairs