Making complex payment solutions brutally simple, and instantly relatable.

VISA's Bold Space

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Visa Commercial Pay offers complete virtual payment solutions across one suite of integrated products. However, keeping the offering front of mind comes with its challenges. Visa Sales Executives have an array of benefits to convey to customers, technical questions to answer, long lead times and 30 additional products to sell. We needed to help them and their prospects understand the benefits of Visa Commercial Pay, and fast.

How We Got There

We identified five key themes across all businesses that made VCP a truly attractive payment solution (remote working, supplier payments, reimbursement, travel, and financial control) and brought these themes to life with characters and pain points that were instantly relatable.

We created five bitesize, brutally simple films, as well as a Visa Commercial Pay microsite to house deeper information about the product suite. Acting as a content hub, the VCP microsite provided a comprehensive place for both Sales Executives and potential customers to quickly understand the benefits, as well as troubleshoot.

Strategy | Creative | Film | Website

A Global Perspective

Our process of research was one of careful stakeholder management and balancing of differing perspectives. Visa Commercial Pay operated with vastly differing levels of awareness, financial regulation and complex product architecture in each market. For us to find an effective solution we spent time with multiple sales teams across EMEA, LATAM and APAC conducting over 30 separate stakeholder interviews.

Clear & characterful

We created five short films, each bringing a target industry, job title and pain point to life. Each was intentionally basic and light-hearted in a sea of jargon and technical complexity.

Basic building blocks

We created a website that made VCP as easy as ABC. From simple product benefits clearly categorised, to a search function that allowed Sales Executives to highlight, investigate and answer specific issues in specific industries – we aimed to make a complex product a breeze to navigate.

Thank you to everyone at Boldspace for simplifying a very complex world into some very entertaining, effective films and a beautiful content hub. I am very proud of what we have done together.

Lucy Koleva
Director of Marketing & Growth