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Viceroy Riviera Maya's Bold Space

Find your inner viceroy


Situated on Cancun’s Playa del Carmen, Viceroy Riviera Maya is an award-winning resort in a highly competitive location. ​In 2022, as the world started travelling again, Viceroy Riviera Maya wanted to ignite its appeal to younger, progressive travellers. A simple showcase of the resort wouldn’t be enough, we needed to convey a point of view which could inspire this discerning group of modern travellers.

How We Got There

Using the creative idea of ‘Find your inner Viceroy’, we developed a brand world which enticed our audience through a beautiful aesthetic and fresh approach to travel. This thought was turned into a programme of activations, social media content, influencer marketing and media relations, all of which built on the creativity and stories of Mexico’s Riviera Maya. This was supported through creating connections with key travel and consumer lifestyle media.

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Expressing your inner viceroy

We partnered with local artists to create the ‘Inner Viceroy’ series. This included working with award-winning Mexican American videographer Mariana Meraz to create a Spanish film called Pequeño Jade, as well as creating a mural with one of Mexico’s most famous street artists – Farid Rueda.

The life & times of the viceroy

We developed a social strategy which enabled a breadth of regular, compelling content to be created, amplifying our emotive positioning. This included working with influencers to document their visits to the resort.

Building the narrative

Through a combination of media relations and press office, there has been a regular flow of news and features for the resort across both major publications and respected, niche travel titles.

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Tracking in BoldLens™

Brand “share of” tracking

BoldLens™ brought together Viceroy’s owned data sources such as website behaviour data from Google Analytics, search performance from Search Console alongside consumer perceptions data from market research surveys and mapped this against earned media from press and social. To provide additional context, BoldLens™ integrated review data as well from 400+ providers like TripAdvisor and Expedia.

By mapping these metrics against key, local competitors Viceroy were able to unlock insights and measure the gaps in share of voice in specific channels.


AI alerts & trend monitoring

Through our Analyst Commentary feature, we were able to provide an analysis of hotel-related search terms used in target markets like the US and Canada (which we used as a proxy to understand trends in destination appetite among consumers). This helped us see which destinations were of interest to Canadians at different times in the year, to help Viceroy RM understand which when their marketing efforts could deliver the best ROAS.



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Viceroy Riviera Maya is creative and disruptive, distinctive and inspiring. The Boldspace team showed they understood our brand and ambitions. Like us, they are not afraid to push the boundaries.

Tulio Baruch
Director of Sales & Marketing