We elevated sports fandom with a campaign that rallied supporters to own the experience.

OWNIC's Bold Space

Break the mould. Own the journey


OWNIC was launching a new product in sports collectables – digital athlete collector cards or ‘dynamic NFTs’, that evolve as an athlete’s career progresses.

But with NFT cynicism at an all-time high, and the challenge of launching a brand new category into the market, we needed to blow up the standard order of sports fandom.

How We Got There

We created a film which shifted the way sports fans connect with their idols, in effect, breaking the mould on the static moments held dear by Panini cards. We launched on Instagram and Discord, sparking a select group of sports stars to share OWNIC’s story with their communities, bolstering views. We followed this up with a series of clue-laden micro-films which teased key players becoming OWNIC collectables.

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A united front

Major athletes shared the video, dramatically increasing organic reach and credibility.


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This has been quite a ride and it was nothing but a pleasure to work with you. I appreciate all the time and effort you dedicated to this project and I am above proud of what we have achieved.

David Chikhladze
Chief Growth Officer