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carwow is an exciting, established innovator in the automotive space, having revolutionised the car-buying process for consumers for many years. The brand came to Boldspace to make inroads into the well-established set of industry commentators who have dominated the airwaves and demonstrate that the brand is not only providing major benefits to its customers – it knows the market better than anyone.

To do so, we first needed to define how carwow’s partner logos should be expressed visually within consumer advertising, before repositioning and redefining dealer-facing brand communications and business strategy.

How We Got There

To achieve carwow’s goal of increasing both sentiment and market share among consumers and dealers, we shifted their approach from emphasising comparison to prioritising curation. We thus positioned the brand as the top matchmaker in the market, connecting buyers with dealers only when there was a strong fit. For dealers, we emphasised carwow’s digital expertise and support, positioning it as a driving force in the automotive industry’s digital transformation.

We demonstrated carwow’s expertise by implementing a proactive press office and leveraging its knowledgeable spokespeople by releasing constant commentary to the market through key media.

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Brand strategy

We built out animated display advertising, new brand copy, pitch decks and relationship-building creative executions for carwow. We gave sales teams three clear tiers of messaging to approach new, existing or disgruntled dealers, and at the same time, helped visualise a new operational workflow for both sides of carwow’s marketplace.

Brand reputation

Our approach to positioning carwow as a thought leader combined leveraging their rich data and insights on consumer activity with their expert views on wider trends and policies affecting the landscape for motorists. From the transition to EVs, and the spread of low emission zones, to the need for an easier and lower-stress way of changing cars, our activity has focused on positioning carwow as the go-to source of knowledge and support for media and the wider public alike.

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We’ve really enjoyed working with Boldspace to build our presence in UK national and consumer media. The team’s ability to craft compelling content and nurture media relationships means that the quantity and quality of coverage we’ve secured has increased dramatically. The fact that journalists now proactively come to us asking for data and insights from carwow is testament to the job Boldspace has done.

Meghan Sinclair
Brand & Communications Director