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UK businesses have long had an opportunity to expand internationally through trade, but the number actively exporting has remained stubbornly low.

Post-Brexit, as the UK negotiates new deals around the world, more businesses are waking up to the opportunities and want to know where to start. While those already exporting need help like never before to navigate this unprecedented period of flux in how we do business with the rest of the world.

The Institute of Export & International Trade supports UK businesses grow and succeed through exporting and importing, representing businesses of all sizes and sectors. Boldspace was appointed to raise the Institute’s profile and position the organisation as the undisputed go-to on all relevant topics around business and trade in the UK.


How We Got There

The Institute is one of the fastest growing membership bodies ever and has got to a position of scale and influence that it rightly aspired to command greater attention in the public eye. Boldspace quickly put in place a programme of comms support to focus on three key areas:

  1. Driving an increase in tier 1 media exposure and relationships
  2. Delivering profile opportunities for the Institute’s Director General
  3. Aiming to establish and increase broadcast exposure
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Historically, trade was a topic that media knew about but didn’t want to delve into in great detail – seen as a niche issue that wasn’t relevant to their wide readership. But we believed that it should in fact be front and centre of the news agenda. For this to happen, though, it needs to be understood better.

To do this successfully, our strategy centred around cutting through layers of jargon – and what had been become overly-politicized discussions – to communicate in easily digestible language.

Tier 1 Media Relations

Awareness and understanding of international trade existed in pockets. We built out a programme of media meets for The Institute’s Director General with a broad mix of journalists across business, finance, politics, international desks and enterprise, crafting fresh insights for each of their specific audiences.

Capitalising on Major Moments

The media relations programme laid the groundwork for us to capitalise on major calendar moments with insights and commentary which would secure high impact front page and prime time broadcast coverage. These included the impact of Red Sea attacks on global supply chains, the UK joining a new trans-Pacific trade partnership, and the introduction of new EU-UK border checks. Across each of these, we dominated share of voice across broadcast, print and online.

Alongside the Institute’s commentary and in-house expertise, ‘explainer’ graphics created digestible, simple content for busy audiences.

Media coverage

Featured in


pieces of media coverage in the first 10 months of us working together – a year-on-year increase of 401%.


share of voice after six months, compared to just 1.84% when we started. At the height of the Red Sea shipping attacks news cycle, share of voice in tier 1 media was 71%.


positive or neutral sentiment in media coverage.


increase in web sessions.


This was a fantastic outcome. Well done to the whole team
and thank you for your support.

Thomas Lane
PR Manager
Institute of Export & International Trade