The campaign set out to provide new drivers who have passed their test a bit later in life (over 30 years old) with advice on how to handle their nerves so they can keep calm on the roads this summer. 

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The first solo drive after passing your test can be one of life’s most nerve-wracking moments – you can legally drive, but you no longer have the reassuring voice of your teacher on your shoulder.
When we think of new drivers, many of us will picture 17-year-olds just passing their tests. But this isn’t the full picture – people learn to drive for several different reasons later in life, often around significant life leaps – from moving to a new home to when they have children.
We wanted to provide a nerve-calming reassurance to those who pass their test a little bit later in life and are taking that first leap out on their own


How We Got There

We enlisted the help of actress Martine McCutcheon to provide a chill out service by offering her personal, reassuring advice to some of Britain’s newest drivers. Martine took to the passenger seat for a series of drives – helping out drivers who have become new parents (to babies and furry friends), to those who have relocated from different countries and had to take their test again.

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We commissioned research to explore first drive nerves in those who passed their test later in life. We explored their reasons for sitting their test, what calms them down while driving and the triggers of driving nerves. We used the results as the basis of our press release, along with insights from Martine.

Case studies and talent

We sourced four case studies who had all recently passed their test later in life, for different reasons. We invited them for a day of filming with our celebrity to embark on one of their first drives since passing, providing a heart-warming human element to the campaign by giving insights into why they sat their test later in life and what still makes them nervous on the roads.

We chose Martine McCutcheon as the face of the campaign to accompany new drivers on one of their first drives. The filmed content of Martine and the new drivers became hero assets as part of the campaign. Martine also had interviews with several journalists, including Mail Online, PA Media, Virgin Radio and Woman’s Hour.

Overall media approach

We had 9x media opportunities across print/online and broadcast with Martine. Ahead of the visual assets and press release going live, we sold in early under embargo to catch the attention of key media to maximise interview opportunities for our press days with Martine. With the core assets, we crafted pitches across picture, video, lifestyle and national media for cut through with high profile targets.

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