Getting a Chinese unicorn fit for a fiercely competitive US launch.

FITURE's Bold Space



Fiture is a connected fitness mirror that uses AI technology to bring a personal, interactive training experience into your home. Following a meteoric rise in China during the pandemic, and now owning 100% of the connected fitness market on home soil, Fiture wanted to reposition for a bold launch in the US.

How We Got There

We carried out an extensive research process across stakeholder and consumer interviews, customer data and our proprietary analytics platform BoldLensTM. We leveraged the growing trends of automaticity, functional training and micro-workouts to uncover exciting new opportunities for the brand to resonate with existing and emerging audiences. We placed the product’s Motion Engine Technology at the heart of our functional benefit hierarchy and defined compelling winning emotional benefits off this, that acted as the bedrock of a passionate brand copy guide.

Research | Strategy | Positioning | Copywriting

Finding the gap

We took a deep dive into US fitness culture analysing the audience, market and emerging trends. From understanding engrained mindsets like school gym classes being borne out of military training, to the flexible wellbeing of workers following the pandemic, we identified key existing and emerging audience needs.

A movement of movement

LifeFit defines a product that uses technology to adapt your fitness for your specific emotional needs. We aimed to create a ‘movement of movement’ that looked past dated superficial fitness philosophies and made exercise an incremental, seamless part of everyday life. We built out a full brand copy and tone of voice guidelines as well as a strong creative brief to ideate a national ATL creative campaign.

Boldspace has taken an incredibly thoughtful and considered approach to understanding the market opportunity for Fiture. The rigour and attention to detail made it feel like there was no stone unturned. The team were able to quickly adapt to the way we worked internally, which is rare! I would be excited to work with your team again.

Tiffany Werdmuller
Chief Marketing Officer