We set out to create a more soulful, artistic approach to city stays for This Time Tomorrow's two exquisite buildings in Florence and Marrakech.

This Time Tomorrow's Bold Space

Going Off Menu


Born from the belief that traditional hotel accommodation lacks space, freedom and originality and apartment stays lack personalised service and immersive luxury, This Time Tomorrow came to Boldspace as an early-stage business idea needing a meaningful brand and a compelling offering to go to market  for the two exquisite buildings under renovation in Florence and Marrakech.


How We Got There

We explored the luxury of the ‘unrushed’. The wonder of experiencing somewhere’s everyday for the first time. A beautiful clash of life’s simplest pleasures with its most exotic rarities. A tangent, a diversion, a blissful veer from the long-told stories. The ‘other’ trip. The wild card weekender.

Identifying its bold space as ‘going off-menu’, the brand sets outs to instantly immerse guests in their best versions of the city, delivering exquisitely designed, off-menu city stays, personalised to stir the soul of each one of them. We aimed to create a narrative that felt like it opened a door for you.

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What we did

We built the entire brand. From naming, purpose, mission and vision, brand statements and narratives, experience strategy, content strategy and partnerships strategy, logo and colourways, brand guidelines, web copy and design, social strategy, brand and location films, and integrated advertising and PR launch. This is a project where the entire spectrum of Boldspace’s strategic and creative ability was put to work.

Colour palette and typography

We created a hero colour for each residence location, Florence and Marrakech, giving them a distinct yet familiar feel throughout all brand touch points.

We combined it with bold typography to give the brand a modern touch, however still deeply rooted into the local culture.


We wanted to connect the founders’ belief in the need for more soulful, instantly immersive city stays – and their offering of exquisitely crafted residences and curated experiences – with a refined, creatively minded audience that craves to be inspired by travel. We set about building a strategy that focused on guests writing their own unique chapters. We wanted to create a brand that allows them to step into their own spontaneous story, in the heart of another culture.

We named it ‘This Time Tomorrow’ to give the brand an elegant, literary, creative feel whilst capturing the feelings of anticipation and spontaneity.


Inside the residences

We aimed to seamlessly integrate the brand identity into every guest interaction within the residences. We crafted exquisite in-residence items, including cherished keepsakes like bookmarks and postcards, literary driven “do not disturb” signs, as well as refined essentials such as notepads, wine and dinner menus, and keycard wallets. Each of these elements embodies and enriches the essence of the new This Time Tomorrow identity.


Social Media

From stories of the city to chapters yet to come, our content pillars bring the exotic tales and simple pleasures of This Time Tomorrow direct to the screens of Instagram and Facebook scrollers. Always with a narrative focus, building brand credibility and admiration through always-on organic content.


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