16 February 2022

Reskube appoints Boldspace to brand building, content and PR brief

Nick Ford-Young

Reskube Ltd, the new award-winning resilience technology company, has appointed Boldspace to position and build a brand for its new remote working solution, the Reskube, following a credentials pitch. 

The fast-growing brand building, communications and analytics agency will also be responsible for ensuring the Reskube is launched into the market as part of its vision for connectivity to be constant, secure and seamless for all remote workers everywhere.

Reskube Ltd was founded in 2021 by an award-winning team of resilience experts. Their experience in this field became the foundation for their new homeworking innovation, the Reskube, working with partners including Schneider Electric. The Reskube is a remote-working resilience solution in a smart, compact box. It constantly monitors the supply of home internet and power and if either drop, it instantaneously kicks in and provides back up. 

As well as launching the product to employers and IT teams managing hybrid workforces, the Reskube also has the potential to support remote teams working in locations such as outside broadcast units or mobile vaccination centres. 

The account will be led by Boldspace Co-founder Nick Ford-Young, reporting to Reskube CEO, Andrew Lawton.

Andrew Lawton, CEO at Reskube Ltd, said: “As more of us work remotely, businesses face growing risks to their operations as power and network outages threaten both critical and day-to-day work. Boldspace demonstrated to us that they understand this problem, and the role the Reskube can play in solving these headaches for employers and workers everywhere. We’re delighted to work with their team all the way from building and articulating our brand right through to PR and digital marketing.”

Nick Ford-Young, Co-founder at Boldspace said: “The moment we spoke to Andrew and his team, we saw the potential of this exciting and innovative new company. We strongly advocate supporting and empowering remote workforces to do their best work, and the Reskube has the potential to be a game-changer for people at work away from the office. We are excited to bring the best of our integrated agency model together to build a compelling, meaningful brand, create timely marketing campaigns and PR opportunities, and measure its success by tracking activity in real time through our analytics platform, BoldLens.”

Boldspace was shortlisted by Campaign Magazine as Start-up of the Year at the Campaign Tech Awards and New Agency of the Year at The Drum, PR Week, Provoke Media and PR Moment Awards. The nearly two-year-old agency now has over 28 employees and 30 clients across technology, healthcare, fintech, financial services, ecommerce, automotive, lifestyle and energy.