03 June 2020

A new approach to advertising, marketing and PR – introducing a Whole World Brand View

Nick Ford-Young

Boldspace emerged from a strong belief that unity, simplicity and precision combined are the key to outstanding work; yet silos, complexity and channel & content overload has been all too prevalent across the communications industry.

And by communications, we inclusively mean advertising, marketing and PR. We believe each simply cannot sit on their own any longer.

We have seen a lack of cohesion across strategies, between internal client teams and amongst their collection of supporting agencies, meaning no one is getting what they need.

The multi-nationals may be able to throw 21 agencies at the wall and see what sticks, but the most exciting businesses, hungry to grow at pace, simply don’t have that luxury.

We see the real detrimental effect being to these ambitious, challenger brands pulled in several directions at great cost.

The beauty of togetherness has been far harder to achieve than it sounds.

Boldspace exists because channels feel saturated, agency disciplines are rigidly segmented when they should be overlapping by design, budgets are shrinking yet wasted, inefficiency is commonplace and briefs are getting broader.

Visibility and transparency are a fraction of what they should be and can be; and data is often made to feel like a myriad of complicated smokescreens.

The bold new world needed a bold new solution.

So we built a methodology that strongly fuses two arguably polar forces that often hold the answers to life’s problems – technology and creativity.

Our logo symbolises the coming together of these catalysts. A unification that allows us to find what all clients ultimately seek – bold new space, that utopian ‘gap’ in which to propel your brand that is distinctive from the rest – and to constantly refine it, with more objectivity than ever before.

We understood this requires and relies on us seeing a brand’s whole world at once, whilst also needing to take into account the intricacies of many different areas of consideration. 14, to be precise.

So we built a theory, then created a way to track it.

We call it a ‘Whole World Brand View’.

The 14 areas are certainly not unique.

Audience. Market. Brand.

Product. Staff. Experience.

Strategy. Creative. Content. Media.

Engagement. Conversion. Loyalty…

…all feeding into the important number 14 – reputation.

Which in turn feeds back to number 1, audience. And so on.

We use our technology for visibility, transparency, immediacy, cohesion, uncovering unmet opportunities, targeted briefs and 24/7 reporting. We use creativity for bold strategic approaches and emotional resonance in campaigns with objective relevance.

Results all sit on one unified dashboard, always visible. Each section has specific metrics that define success.

Each measure is simple to understand and meaningful. Each one focuses on impact.

And we can’t only focus on one brand. We have to track a competitive set in the same way too. Because data without relevant benchmarks is useless.

The ‘Whole World Brand View’ comes from two simple premises:

1.    That all business, creative and communication strategy must be cohesive both internally and externally to achieve full potential.

2.    That by the time one cycle of an insight is turned into action (whether a campaign, product launch, new territory opening, rebrand, release of a single article etc.) the brand landscape will have slightly shifted again, and so needs addressing again.

This means:

1.    We must gauge the entire picture of a brand landscape to be able to identify issues, understand and have confidence in deciding on one action flowing into another. Purpose, operations and story must perpetually interact.

2.    We must monitor the entire landscape 24/7, optimise the process, adjust to the environment and make each new revolution more effective than the last.

We build overarching strategy and execute campaigns that unifies owned, earned, paid and social.

This doesn’t come at the sacrifice of expertise and specialism. We still use specialists exactly when and where we know is required.

We build ‘lifecycles’ and launch campaigns with specific combinations of the necessary channels we know will drive results.

We plug this straight into the human hearts and minds of a world-class team that delivers strategic insight, creative, content and reputation management.

We turn intelligence – both human and artificial – into magic.

We use technology in all our internal processes to guarantee our clients that we will not bill a penny of time spent on admin. We only charge for work that adds value.

Our time and cost is transparent, reported on automatically. 

And having actively thought, worked and lived this way for 4 months, applying this bold new way of working to four clients, I honestly don’t know how I ever did it any other way.