06 June 2020

EVENT: In-conversation with the BBC – artificial intelligence and the future of news

Mike Robb

Date: Tuesday 30 June 2020

Time: 1.00 to 1.30

Place: Webinar

Guest: Naja Nielsen, Digital Director, BBC News

Host: Mike Robb, Boldspace

  • In 2019, the BBC covered election night with 649 AI-generated articles
  • Bloomberg estimates that AI is used in the production of over 30% of its news
  • The Press Association’s AI system, RADAR, has filed more than 250,000 articles in less than two years.

There is no debate: AI is having a monumental, if often invisible, role in news generation and consumption.

  • Does AI enhance the experience of the reader or does it threaten the future of quality content and journalism?
  • Could the future see news content created entirely by AI, with no human input at all?
  • And what are the considerations for brands in this changing content landscape?

Boldspace is delighted to be hosting the first of its ‘Lunch With…’ series of webinars with Naja Nielsen, Digital Director at BBC News. This informal conversation will explore the role of AI in the future of news and how the BBC is leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance its content creation, delivery and optimisation.

This event is free to attend and there are no limits on the number of people from your organisation who can join. Please note that any colleagues wishing to join must register individually to receive a participant link.

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