04 April 2022

Isn’t the metaverse a fad?

Aivory Gaw

Boldspace Chief Brand Officer, Aivory Ann Gaw gives a short view in this month’s Bold View where she says it could be right now but a lot of the core concepts of web3 and the metaverse are not going away. Whether that’s the importance of community and decentralisation, or the notion of digital and physical now merging, the concepts and direction of travel is very much in motion.

Ultimately, there is a trajectoy your customer is on and whether you’re a cynic, a sceptic or a believer, your business will be defined by where your customer is. You can either react in the future or get ahead of it and help them get there.

At Boldspace we work with a number of brands directly in the web3 space as well as traditional organisations looking to find their way.

A starting point is understanding and asking lots of questions, so if you’d like to chat it through – Aivory would love to talk.

You can get her on LinkedIn here or email her directoy – aivory.gaw@boldspace.com