22 July 2020

Ecoffee Cup appoints Boldspace to lead strategy, creative and comms

Nick Ford-Young

Ecoffee Cup, the market leader in reusable coffee cups, has appointed Boldspace to help drive strategy, creative and PR following a credentials pitch.

The brand was founded in 2014 by David and Ali McLagan and has become one of the leading reusable coffee cup brands in Europe, bringing together style, functionality and sustainability to create products that have resonated with consumers. Over 12 million Ecoffee Cup products have been sold since launch.

Boldspace has been retained to evaluate and define the brand’s strategy as it enters a new phase of growth and seeks to widen its appeal beyond core customers. The agency will then drive creative and implement an ongoing communications programme for the business.

As part of the engagement, Ecoffee Cup will leverage the agency’s technology platform, which monitors and tracks every aspect of the brand’s performance and enables the consultancy to predict and react to developing trends in real-time across all channels.

The work will be led by Boldspace Co-founder and Director, Nick Ford-Young, reporting to Ecoffee Cup Brand Director David McLagan and Operations Director Oliver Wessely.

David McLagan, Brand Director at Ecoffee Cup, said: “The uptake of reusable coffee cups has been swift over the last five years but single-use cups are still widespread and continue to cause a significant environmental impact. We want to consider the positioning of our product set and increase our appeal to a wider audience, demonstrating the benefits we bring to consumers on a daily basis. We are excited to be working with Boldspace on this project and leveraging their unique technology platform going forward.”

Nick Ford-Young, Co-founder and Director at Boldspace, said: “Ecoffee Cup is a leader in its field and now needs to expand its reach to fully realise the hugely positive benefits it can deliver. We believe the product is about so much more than sustainability: we look forward to working with the brand to help drive its next phase of growth.”