06 September 2022

Boldspace Insight: Conservative Leadership Election

Mike Robb

A new dawn is upon us. Liz Truss’ time is now. After a summer of touring the country, trying to convince Conservative Party members that she is the right person to lead our country, she has done exactly that.

She is entering office in very challenging circumstances, with a tough winter ahead: the ongoing cost-of-living crisis, Russia’s war in Ukraine, the ongoing delivery of Brexit, as well as a country recovering from the aftershocks of the COVID pandemic – her in-tray will be one of the most complex of any incoming Prime Minister in recent generations.

Given this backdrop, how will Liz Truss as Prime Minister, and the Conservative Party under her leadership, evolve their brands? How important really is brand identity in modern day politics and what opportunities and challenges does this bring to the new Prime Minister?

We hear from PR Account Director, Callum Attew, and Strategy Director, Adam Larter, in the latest Boldspace Insight on the importance of brand in politics – and what we may expect from Prime Minister Truss.

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