09 November 2021

BoldLens – the new data and analytics platform by Boldspace, relaunches

Nick Ford-Young

When we launched Boldspace we set out a clear vision.

To make data and creativity simultaneously accessible, meaningful and empowering for all brands.

Across the PR, marketing and advertising industries we felt work was slow. Visibility was low. Teams operated in silos. Strategy was fragmented. Channels were saturated. Media was complex.

Brand, comms and analytics functioned separately whilst desperately needing to integrate.

We saw a different way. For those who have a vision and demand a voice. Where technology and creativity together could transform and propel challenger brands and ambitious businesses on a mission. That was our starting point.

We wanted to build a way for our team to see the whole market landscape in real time – allowing them to create meaningful, effective, bold communications. And for our clients to also – tracking activity and the results of our work, and theirs, transparently, 24/7.

For too long we had sat in meetings where data was made to feel complicated, expensive, and reserved for multi-nationals, or the right data simply wasn’t available at all.

Whilst, at the same time the finest, cut-through creative was priced with corporate office overheads.

We wanted our team to be fulfilled, smart and driven enough to fully control their work:life balance. And to achieve true, effective integration. Where everyone and everything, interacts.

BoldLens v2.0

Today we are exactly a year and a half old, have over 30 clients, 24 incredible team members, and are taking another giant, important leap towards achieving this vision, as our advanced data and analytics platform BoldLensTM relaunches – v2.0.

New and significantly improved, BoldLensTM tracks all your earned, owned, paid and social media activity and overlays the impact of each channel on your commercial performance, from bookings and leads to revenue and reputation, in real time.

It’s clear, simple, affordable and tailored to the data points you need; but most importantly it marks an important new phase in ensuring data is democratised, accessible, understandable and useful to all members of all teams within a business.

It’s what we call your Whole World Brand ViewTM. One single, simple view to allow you to see more, react faster and find the gap. Whether a CMO, or communications executive, BoldLensTM is built for you.

No vast data reels, no complicated operating systems, no noise.
Just what you need to know, and your ROI, 24/7.

Visit our new look website today, and book your demo.