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Pairings of Perfection


Japanese Sake boasts a rich cultural heritage, and its significance as a drink has generations of brewers to back it up. However, in the UK, Sake still has a low presence – with many consumers either seeing it as a spirit, or not understanding its versatility. In order to increase sales of Sake in the UK and ultimately have more consumers try the beverage, we wanted to focus on educating the consumers through their five senses – starting with their taste buds.

How We Got There

For the past few years, JFOODO has run a campaign called “Sake Seafood Sensations”, which focused on partnering with restaurants to create menus for people to try Sake paired with seafood dishes.

For the 2023 campaign, we wanted to further the concept of pairing Sake with seafood, but in a way that emphasised the key purpose of the pairing: the umami taste that arises from a perfectly paired sake and seafood dish.

“Pairings of Perfection” focused around 10 key “starter” Sake pairings, with the goal of educating consumers on the versatility of Sake and the many different cuisines it could complement. We recruited over 20 top-tier restaurants across London, Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow, all who created their own customised Sake & Seafood pairing menus for customers. To promote the campaign and drive bookings to these restaurants, we developed an educational microsite and social feed, which showcased the plethora of different sake & seafood menu pairings to potential customers.

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The pairing cards

We created a custom set of pairing cards for the campaign, which featured 10 different sakes paired with a variety of seafood dishes. Each card featured a custom illustration, and the packs were distributed to the participating restaurants and media partners.


The microsite focused on delving into the specifics of Sake, the history behind the drink, and promote the different restaurants involved in the campaign.


Our partnership with two world-renowned sommeliers played a vital role in training several of our restaurant partners for our #PairingsOfPerfection campaign.

Natsuki and Sarah shared their unparalleled expertise in Sake with restaurants and their staff, educating them on the intricacies of Sake, the qualities of an ideal pairing, and the subtle notes and nuances to look for – with the goal of enhancing the guest experience and elevating their Sake tasting.


The @sakesensations Instagram account featured each restaurant’s pairing menu, going into further detail about the restaurant’s approaches to the seafood dish and the Sake that they were paired with. Consumers were then encouraged to make a booking through the link in the Instagram bio or through the Sake Seafood Sensations microsite.

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Real-time growth metrics

In the social media realm, the brand hit an all-time high with a whopping 10,563,590 impressions during the week of October 22nd. What’s truly noteworthy is that the momentum didn’t fizzle out after the campaign ended on October 31st. Instead, our impressions continued to soar, reaching an impressive 7,446,757 during the week of November 5th – a remarkable surge from the modest 2,826,868 in the preceding period.



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