We gave Domes Resorts the ability to measure awareness, sentiment, trends and conversion against their competition both globally and locally.


Domes, a luxury resort brand with over a dozen unique locations, encountered a common challenge for brands of its size when it came to tracking brand activity across each of its various resorts. BoldLens™ was implemented as a simple one-stop-shop solution to an otherwise potentially complicated data infrastructure problem, allowing Domes to quickly and easily measure the impact of marketing activity, segmenting data by group level, location level and individual resort level.

How We Got There

BoldLens™ seamlessly segmented all brand activity – media mentions, social mentions, audience data, web traffic, campaign performance, share of voice, share of search, share of traffic, sentiment, reputation data and commercials – in order to compare the effectiveness of marketing activity in each location. Moreover, to provide further context, each resort was benchmarked against its own unique competitor set per region, always tracking performance relative to its market.

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Through meticulously tracking every single mention of Domes Resorts across all leading channels in press and social, the business was able to identify the coverage generating the most exposure for the brand and its individual resorts. This helped Domes Resorts unearth new potential partnerships with media outlets and social influencers. Tracking exposure in this way and seeing it pinned against commercial KPIs has allowed Domes to measure the impact of their brand activity across all parts of their business in a way that was previously impossible.