Brand Story Video

15 December 2020

The story behind Boldspace’s brand video

Nick Ford-Young

Advertising and communications has always been about understanding and persuading our clients that we can understand and persuade their audiences better than they can.

We create the big ideas that aim to pull at the heart strings and purse strings of the ‘customer truth’ – make brands relevant, famous, salient and memorable.

We aim to create a reaction – at most a connection and at least a compelling showcase of functionality – enough to make a product wanted or ideally, needed.

Sometimes connections are deep enough, and products are good enough to spark brand loyalty that lasts a lifetime, amassing thousands and thousands of dollars over that period – on something as simple as a teeth cleaning liquid in a small tube, for example.

To the victor go the spoils. Competition has always been and will always be fierce and achieving this has never been simple – but certainly, it has been far simpler than today.

Why? Because where most industries adapt and evolve, leaving the last bettered version of innovation in the past; the marketing landscape does not allow for that luxury, instead accumulating layer upon layer, channel upon channel – additional ways through which we’re told we might have success communicating our messages – with new independent tech-fuelled channels being created and garnering traction amongst different age groups – all the time.

One not better than the last, just different, nuanced, another option or suggestion to consider in the media mix.

The ‘big ideas’ haven’t changed, but the frantic competition and fight to get your brand acknowledged has become grossly complex. Whilst increased DIY access to marketing channels and advertising has provided advantages at entry level; it has also led to saturation, distraction and at times sheer overload.

Money still talks, new digital methods arrive to give us volume, targeting and personalisation, but biddable space at a premium becomes a battle the biggest brands still bully. Those with global budgets and multiple agencies have, of course, been the winners of the data and exposure wars.

But we set out to change that. We saw how technology could be used to do the opposite – to allow reductionism, streamline an approach, survey the landscape, monitor what will work where, strip out the excess, reduce the saturation, bring the cost down of access to competitive advantage, and with it, a way for the challenger and ambitious brands of tomorrow to compete.

We set out to build brands by making data and creativity simultaneously understandable, meaningful and accessible to all.

We built an analytics platform, BoldLensTM that allows us to track a brands’ Whole World Brand ViewTM in real time, and we then plug the finest creative and strategic minds into creating bold communications off the back of these insights.

Our people don’t have to worry about admin, or what restrictive ‘discipline’ our agency says we must sell or advise our clients to do –  just make good work that works, and get it seen.

We built a way to see more, react quicker and implement meaningful communications across owned, paid, earned or social.

By fusing the traditional siloed disciplines of advertising, marketing and PR and tracking our activity against client revenue in real time – we know that for best results, comms channels must be an integrated, free-flowing, diverse blend of multi-disciplinism – tracked, agile and optimised – and through this we can turbocharge challenger brands.

We believe in the sustainable and innovative brands of the future not needing Silicon Valley millions to cut through the market. We are for those who have a vision and demand a voice. This combination of analytics and creativity we use to carve that fresh white space – we call this the bold space. We find the parameters in which we should operate, the parameters within which we will win.

We use game-changing technology to achieve fame-changing communications.

And so the process we still know and love of creating connections deep enough to spark brand loyalty that lasts a life time – can now be accessed by the masses, monitored and refined – in real time, with real purpose.

We can help brands make a difference. We hope our new brand video translates this message in 102 short seconds.