11 June 2024

Corporate affairs: creativity as the new competitive edge

Mike Robb

Creativity has not always been put in the same sentence as ‘corporate affairs’, and we believe now is the time to ask why.

At Boldspace we believe creativity and lateral thinking is a fundamental component in unlocking campaigns and delivering long-lasting impact with tangible reputational benefits.

But just believing something doesn’t make it true, so we have put our thinking to the test by speaking to 15 senior corporate affairs leaders from across a wide-range of industries – from KPMG and Balfour Beatty to Starling Bank and Darktrace – to hear their views on how they see creativity within their remit.

Today we launch a new report – The Emboldened Corporate: creativity as the new competitive edge in corporate affairs – outlining our key findings. Do they think it is important? How are they harnessing it? Do they see corporate comms activity changing?

In a world where attention spans are shorter than ever and the standards to which a corporate is held have never been higher, an approach that goes beyond the norm – beyond the way things have always been done – is no longer a nice to have. That is not to say making this a reality comes without challenges, and a number of leaders we spoke to outlined in great detail the pitfalls and how they overcome them.

We believe corporate affairs today needs to embrace thinking differently, beyond the norm and historic limitations felt by those who have been brought up ‘corporate’ first, ‘creative’ second. That is why we want to be the most creative corporate agency in the world, and why we have conducted this research to test our thinking, bring together a wide-range of views and, ultimately, provide a fascinating read for anyone in corporate affairs eager to challenge their thinking.

We hope you enjoy it.

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