01 February 2022

Boldspace partners with Crypto Girls podcast and buys first metaverse land

Nick Ford-Young

It has been clear for some time that Web3 is going to have an impact on consumers and brands alike. While the extent of this impact and the pace of uptake is rightly debated, the effect of crypto, NFTs and the metaverse – and the extent to which it has cemented itself in everyday conversation – is already undeniably significant.

At Boldspace we are on a journey of meaningful discovery of what Web3 means for consumers and brands. Our Web3 roadmap is:

  1. Train and upskill our staff so that they understand Web3 and the implications for brands, economies and society
  2. Explore these conversations with our clients through our research, content and events
  3. Secure Boldspace land as a safe space in the metaverse to experiment with

To kick things off we’ve partnered with Crypto Girls, hosts of an up-and-coming web podcast, to be our guides. The show, created and hosted by Dylan Goldberg and Katie Rothstein in New York, interviews some of the leading names across the crypto, NFT and metaverse space. Now into its 12th episode, Crypto Girls covers everything from the most basic, ‘what is crypto?’, through to uncovering the world of decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs). Guests have included the likes of Sarah Wood from Upstream and Eli Tan from Coindesk.

Dylan and Katie are providing internal training to our team, which kicked-off last week with an incredible session that unearthed some of the most interesting things going on in Web3 right now. They will be contributing to our thought leadership (watch this space) and will be available to provide consultancy across our client base, and Boldspace will be the headline sponsor of the podcast going forward.

Last year we also took the decision to buy land in the metaverse, in both The Sandbox and Decentraland. In time, this land will become an accessible, no judgement, experimental space for our clients to try new things.

While we don’t believe we will see overnight change, we are in the camp that expects Web3 to have a transformative impact on our lives, creating another crucial touchpoint for brands with their audiences. As marketeers, we – and the clients we work with – must ensure we maximise the future benefits this will bring.

Much of Web3 today is complex, uncertain and relatively inaccessible for brands and consumers alike. But that will change, and we’re excited to be starting on this journey to ensure our team and clients have a far deeper understanding of Web3 than they do today.

Boldspace is nearing the end of its second year of operation, having launched in the midst of the pandemic in May 2020. The firm already has a number of clients in the crypto space including decentralised finance platform EQIFI, crypto payments business Zen.com and Anna Condo, an artist that launched her first range of NFTs, Tulip 1637, in 2021 and whose highest valued NFT is now worth 50 ETH (more than $150,000).