06 March 2024

Boldspace launches film department bolstered with innovative analytics platform

Tom Franz

Boldspace, the brand value agency, has launched a new film department made up of a team of award-winning content producers. 

Boldspace Film’s offering is underpinned by a partnership with Orillo Films, a leader in the industry that has created thousands of films that have garnered millions of views on every type of format. Together, Boldspace and Orillo Films provide top-to-bottom production, post-production, with a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet any client need. 

Boldspace Film is bolstered with CineSense, a proprietary analytics platform that leverages BoldLens™ technology to monitor engagement, views, eye tracking and emotional response. This analytics enables the team to swiftly adapt, enhance and optimise content, ensuring sustained impact and ROI for clients. 

Tom Franz, Head of Boldspace Film, said:  
“We don’t just craft beautiful films, we build, board, shoot, and cut to maximise every pound of our clients’ budget into powerful campaign assets. Paired with CineSense, our dynamic production process ensures efficiency and impact across any channel and medium our client campaigns require.” 

Since its inception, Boldspace has been synonymous with strategic creativity and innovation, creating impactful content for more than 50 clients including Virgin, VISA, Rangers Football Club, and TGI Fridays. 

Nick Ford-Young, Co-CEO of Boldspace, said: “At Boldspace we believe in crafting purposeful content and delivering it with intelligence. Our new Film department embodies this ethos, positioning us at the crossroads of strategic creativity and production prowess.” 
Keenan Foley, Executive Producer at Orillo Films said: “We have been incredibly impressed with the rapid growth of Boldspace over the last four years with their blend of creativity and technology, and having worked together on many successful projects we are extremely excited to partner more closely to consistently prove the value of our work”. 

Boldspace Film’s advantage lies in its integrated expertise, drawing from the agency’s experience across PR, strategy, design, advertising, creative, analytics, and full-service production. This integrated approach ensures that each project is not only executed seamlessly but also aligns perfectly with a client’s overall marketing mix.