25 November 2022

Boldspace Insight: What are the dos and don’ts when talking about climate?

Adam Larter

World leaders gathered at COP27 this month to discuss the world’s most pressing climate issues. Held in Sharm-al-Sheik, Egypt, the UN annual climate summit was an opportunity to set new global commitments to tackle the climate crisis and assess how governments and businesses are living up to their emission reduction pledges and climate targets.

For some brands, COP27 provided a chance to bolster their image as climate leaders. For others, it opened up a pandora’s box of scrutiny and criticism. As the dust settles, Boldspace Strategy Director Michael Case and Senior Consultant Adriana Guardans-Godo assess the brands that did it right, the ones that got it wrong, and the learnings others can take when it comes to taking a public stance on climate.

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