Khushwant Sachdave

Head of Newsroom

Khush brings a wealth of expertise as head of the Boldspace Newsroom. A former Daily Mail & MailOnline news desk executive and ITV News journalist, Khush has more than a decade of experience creating and editing content that shaped the national news agenda.

An award-winning journalist, her breadth of knowledge spans a range of subject areas from science, health, environment, sustainability, to consumer and entertainment. Working daily with several of the news industry’s best editors has provided Khush with a deep understanding of how the narrative will play out.

She also spent four years as Daily Mail Showbiz Editor. Following two years as Executive News Editor at MailOnline she left to join ITV News and This Morning as a News and Multimedia Producer.

Her most recent role was Press & Media Director at Aspirations Academies Trust, a Multi-Academy Trust with 16 schools across the country, where she led media reputation management for three years.