Whole World Brand View™

At Boldspace we strongly believe in reviewing and addressing what we term a ‘Whole World Brand View’ to enable us to effectively remedy problems, launch brands, implement winning business strategies and devise bold and meaningful communications. We have developed this methodology specifically for the needs of today’s ever-changeable marketing landscape.

We know that only by making the constant loop of our 14 consideration areas unite – through use of both our advanced technology and human hearts and minds – can truly effective creative, content and communications be produced and targeted. A brand audit, successful campaign (or a failed one) alone, will not tell you enough of what you need to know to make your brand constantly resonate and grow.

01 | Audience

We understand that socioeconomic data is simply one part of a complex puzzle. We build ‘live’ audience profiles by combining cultural, environmental and attitudinal data with situational human context, grouping individuals by emotional triggers.

02 | Market

We track and analyse a brand’s entire marketplace, collating market share, penetration and sales data. We ensure we have a broad view of a competitive landscape, monitoring behaviour shifts and plotting future trends.

03 | Brand

We carry out deep brand sentiment tracking, combining qualitative and quantitative processes. We build, monitor and remedy consistency and impact across brand purpose, values, distinctiveness and reputation. We understand a brand must always have meaning and memorability and track both, consistently identify ways to achieve and sustain them.

04 | Product

We assess how customers rate the quality of a product or service by aggregating carefully selected metrics to determine perception, popularity, ratings, reviews, sustainability and impact. We consult on both product range and relevance as crucial components of a Whole World Brand View™.

05 | People

There’s nothing more important than your people – responsible for bringing together brand messaging with brand experience. We track and analyse satisfaction scores from both customers and employees. We address brand personality, values, tonality and consumer sentiment, staff happiness and retention rates to ensure your people drive exceptional, cohesive brand experience through every touchpoint.

06 | Experience

We combine real-world audits with consumer sentiment scores, social listening and user experience metrics – including drop off and churn rates – to determine a detailed view of customer experience. This ensures our scores are benchmarked accurately and relatively within an industry.

07 | Strategy

We carry out brand and communications audits and workshops, as well as analysing billions of data points to monitor positioning, effectiveness of messaging, purpose, impact, recognition, share of voice, consistency and the balance of long-term vs. short-term strategies.

08 | Creative

We understand the power of an outstanding creative idea. We assess creative output on sentiment, salience and sales. We want resonance and reaction. We identify opportunity in the bold space and allow creativity to roam free within the parameters of our precise briefs. We carefully monitor creative approaches, from a single article to a global campaign, to ensure maximum impact.

09 | Content

Content exists to inform and inspire, build awareness, garner authority and generate leads. We balance engagement with effectiveness. Content must be relevant and entertaining whilst boosting reputation, reach and rankings. From hero brand assets to targeted campaigns and ‘always on’ articles, we create compelling content and track every detail around how it is received. Forever refining, forever outperforming the last.

10 | Media

Timing and precision of placement are everything. We carefully select the relevant, necessary channels across paid, owned, earned and social channels to build plans for our clients that drive bold, meaningful communications. Our Whole World Brand View™ approach ensures we streamline budgets and drive ROI, constantly tracking and refining to ensure the optimum media mix across all communications outputs and channels.

12 | Conversion

We obsess over route to conversion, affected constantly throughout the fluid, granular elements of the Whole World Brand View™. We track sign-ups, subscriptions and sales – mapping who converted, how we achieved it and modelling responsive customer acquisition strategies whilst understanding the brand landscape will evolve with each revolution of the Whole World Brand View™.

13 | Loyalty

We track repeat visits, purchases and brand evangelism to understand your insiders, influencers and advocates. We track the factors impacting loyalty, triggers for brand mentions and advocacy. We build scores to help monitor and nurture retention whilst growing internal ‘surprise and delight’ strategies for brand love.

14 | Reputation

We know that an organisation’s true reputation depends on each aspect of the Whole World Brand View™ combined. We carefully track and analyse metrics across all channels to provide a unique view of your reputation against your competitors, constantly advising on areas of strength and weakness and how to address them.




We believe in unity – within our Whole World Brand View™, with our clients, with each other, and in all communications both human and digital.



We don’t like buzzwords or unnecessary complexity. We simplify everything and present it in the most straightforward way.



We like precise communication and are able to deliver it, ensuring a better experience for customers and maximum efficiency for clients.