• Audience, Market and Product Review
  • Brand Positioning, Narrative and Statements
  • Visual Identity
  • Website Copy, Design and Build
  • App Wireframing and UX
  • Press Office



Onko came to us as passionate, expert medical professionals with a proven cancer treatment prehab & rehab programme within the NHS. They wanted to create and launch Onko as a new digital offering and brand in its own right. Initially looking for PR services, we wanted to first ensure that their brand would resonate with those they sought out – patients, partners, and press.


We discovered that within cancer treatment, empathy tends to increase when expertise decreases and vice versa. However, patients want – and need – a brand of cancer care that ensures neither of these vital components are compromised. The bold space for Onko was formed around this, aptly seen as “Empathetic Expertise”. This stance informed a new brand vision and visual identity that perfectly balanced these two components of care. By invoking charming illustrations and friendly tones, we were able to bring warmth and character to a sector that can often be clinical. Our mission was to put ‘cancer on the coffee table’.


“These guys are amazing. Their enthusiasm, responsiveness, creativity and,most importantly, attention to detail and ‘can-do’ attitude, has brought our company to life in a way that we simply couldn’t have without them.”

Venetia Wynter-Blyth, Co-Founder