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  • Brand Positioning
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  • Visual Identity and Brand Guidelines
  • Website Design and Build

Mush, a mum meet-up app on a mission to help new mums connect, wanted help to rectify slipping market share in an increasingly crowded marketplace. They needed to create differentiation, re-energise their offering, and relaunch the brand.


In a sea of social networks and chat rooms, we wanted to uncover real meaning within the product: the ability for mums to find a sense of belonging, support and close friendship. We leveraged behavioural science, our strategic methodology and BoldLens™ to uncover a theory around the power of building small social groups of five.

This ‘power of five’ bold space led us to the strategy of creating ‘pods’. We matched mums on the app with four new ‘ride or die’ local friends at a similar stage of motherhood. In addition to this, we pioneered a new commercial B2B offering ‘Mush Maternity’ – a tiered package system helping businesses adapt towards more flexible working for their mums with ‘The Mother of Maternities’.


“Boldspace are amazing, they took time to really understand our brand and sector and identified a truly different way of thinking about the challenges we were looking to solve. They’re friendly, efficient and offer real value.”

Katie Massie-Taylor, Founder