• Brand Communications Audit
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Brand Positioning and Winning Benefits
  • Brand Narrative
  • Website Copy
  • Creative Campaigns and Execution

Martel+Ram is an independent luxury men’s shoe brand that combines the finest classic design with new levels of comfort through Vibram sole technology. In order to cut through the crowded online fashion marketplace, we needed to define a positioning and tone of voice that brought Martel+Ram’s unique offering to life and increased online sales.


Since many of the classic Northampton shoemakers are both rigid in style and craft, Martel+Ram’s differentiation is that their shoes provide a timeless style, but with the comfort level of a trainer. By aligning the benefits of this versatility with the needs of the audience, we were able to position Martel+Ram as a product that adapts effortlessly to the demands of the modern day – creating the bold space “from ballgame to ballroom”. This came to life through a series of ads that used a tone of voice more akin to the Economist than a luxury shoe brand, and highlighted contrasting daily situations for which Martel+Rams provide the perfect, flexible solution.

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“The Boldspace team orientated themselves with the nuances of the footwear industry incredibly quickly in order to offer smart analysis, outstanding insight and value for money.”

Charley Ram, Co-Founder