• Data Integration
  • BoldLens™

Locke has 11 hotels in 7 cities across Europe with more locations opening each year. With international campaigns, it is hard to monitor the global success of their marketing across PR, social media, paid ads, etc. As well as the various campaigns, ensuring the data shared between collaborative internal teams is consistent and reliable also posses a challenge.


Locke’s instance has two levels of data breakdown, the entire Locke group, but also the individual locations. As well as tracking the health of Locke’s brand as a whole, they can also monitor the PR, social mentions, web activity, and reviews for a specific hotel compared against the commercial success metrics for that specific hotel too.

As well as overlaying their commercial metric of ‘bookings’ on graphs across the platform, we also provide a granular breakdown of the room bookings themselves. How many rooms per booking? How many days to book from entering site? How much is the average booking value? Locke can track all of this on BoldLens.

When running a campaign for a new hotel launch or perhaps an existing location needing some extra attention, Locke can track their earned, owned, paid and social marketing, and compare each against a commercial metric all in one place. As BoldLens is a single source of truth for all this data and has additional reporting tools, creating reports for stakeholders on campaign success takes a fraction of the time compared to alternative analytics dashboard workflows.


BoldLens has transformed how we measure the success of our media and communications at Locke. The platform's user-friendly experience, combined with its bespoke data analysis, has provided us a more sophisticated understanding of the effectiveness of our communications activity, and provided us with valuable data that has helped to inform our brand strategy." 

Katie Sharples, Head of Communications