Up to eight million people rely on cash daily, but access to cash is rapidly declining with bank branches and free to use ATMs are fast disappearing every day. The Post Office is a key pillar in communities up-and-down the country, and the cash services it provides through its 11,500 branches is as important as ever.

That’s why the Post Office wanted a campaign to ensure there is an obligation on banks to provide access to cash withdrawal and deposit services, free at the point of service, for both consumers and businesses who rely on cash day-to-day, no matter where they live or work in the UK.

And that’s where Boldspace came in.


  • Devised a strategy to address the misconception that cash was no longer relevant or important, demonstrating that the people we all need the most require our support.
  • Created a campaign, ‘Save Our Cash’, that tells their stories and demonstrates the key reasons why cash is so important to their everyday lives.
  • Delivered a multi-channel campaign comprising strategy, creative, public relations, public affairs, production, and design services.
  • Designed a campaign hub at to provide a central point of information and strong, interactive campaigning resource, enabling ordinary people to write to their MP automatically with the key issues of most importance to them.
  • Produced a series of six emotional, high-impact films telling the stories of three consumers and three small businesses that rely on cash, all hosted on the hub.
  • Landed hundreds of pieces of high-profile media coverage in key target publications – including the BBC, Times, Guardian, Independent, and many more – to drive awareness of the campaign, a process that is ongoing.
  • Supported direct policymaker engagement around the campaign, drumming-up support and action that would lead to real change.


  • Researched the issue and marketplace, identifying the core reasons that cash was still so important to so many people.
  • Built a strategy and supporting content campaign based on the ‘Six Ss’ – Safety, Savings, Self, Survival, Sustainability, and Service.
  • Created our integrated campaign off this strategy, delivering impact across every possible communications channel.

'‘For the people we need the most’'

We realised this campaign had to be about real people with real needs and problems. It was about ensuring everyone has the choice to live their lives on their own terms: the people we need the most, the pillars of our local communities, and the Post Office’s unique position in ensuring they are protected by securing long-term access to cash.


8 X

...Emotive films


...Pieces of media coverage around the campaign (and counting)

1 X

...Innovative campaign hub at