For many years, DeafKidz International has flown under-the-radar, doing amazing work to help deaf children around the world, but not doing anything to shout about it and raise awareness of the horrendous challenges deaf children face. The charity wanted to change that this year, using Deaf Awareness Week to demonstrate its role in reducing the risk and vulnerability of deaf children in some of the most impoverished countries in the world.   

Our challenge was the difficulty in making people care about the plight of those in countries far away, especially when they are already bombarded by multiple charity campaigns at home. We had to find a way to make their plight relatable to a broad and hearing audience for DeafKidz to be able to cut through.  


  • We took the catchphrase of the last year – “You’re on mute” – and flipped it on its head.
  • We developed an integrated campaign that asked everyone to donate to DeafKidz International whenever the phrase was mentioned.
  • We got creative with technology and built a “You’re on Mute Detector”, a fun and interactive tool for people to take to their business meetings and digital social gatherings. Using Google’s voice recognition technology, the tool detected whenever the phrase “you’re on mute” was mentioned and prompted a donation at the end of each call based on the total figure.
  • For those who had tweeted their frustrations around people being on mute during video calls (of which there were over 70k mentions) we responded with our campaign video. 


  • We developed a paid and organic social strategy across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, as well as hijacking the #DeafAwarenessWeek hashtag with a call to share and get involved.  
  • We teamed up with influencers from within the deaf community who all agreed to support the campaign for no fee.  
  • We secured radio spots featuring Steve Crump, Chairman of DeafKidz International, who spoke about the campaign and how the charity helped vulnerable deaf children by teaching sign language and unmuting their communities. 
  • We secured outdoor media at no cost to the charity, featuring our visually-arresting design with various icons including the sign language for ‘thank you’. 
  • All our activity linked back to our site, where people could find out more about the charity’s efforts as well as downloading assets to turn their next call’s ‘you’re on mutes’ into donations for the charity.  

'Parallel frustrations'

We had to find a way to make the children's plight relatable to a broad and hearing audience for DeafKidz to be able to cut through. Thanks to the pandemic, everyone was spending a lot more time on video calls from home, each one with its own communication frustrations, including the predictable moment when someone tries to speak on mute. We quickly realised that it was these frustrations that were the perfect parallel to the extreme frustrations deaf children in impoverished countries face every day, where no one knows sign language and their entire community is effectively ‘on mute.’



...Increase in brand Twitter mentions


...Pieces of media coverage around the campaign across broadcast, consumer, & trade media

50,000 +

...Impressions across carousel & videos ads