The ideal candidate will have 3+ years’ experience in account management within an agency, and bring both a supremely organised approach and a creative spirit to the role. They must be just as comfortable managing time-pressured situations and building strong relationships as they are behind a workflow spreadsheet or solving issues on a film shoot face-to-face.

The candidate must have a proven track record keeping teams to meticulous timelines across concurrent projects, while having an understanding of resource management and workload. Excellent writing, grammar and proofreading skills are a must-have. They must also be comfortable writing a bit of copy when needed, as well as of course, a great email.

We are looking for someone who shares our belief in the need to understand a ‘Whole World Brand View’ to solve problems in a modern world, and is dedicated to exceptional client service.



Reporting to Account Director and Chief Brand Officer, you will be a significant contributor to all activity at Boldspace.

  • Exceptional client and project management skills: you will be managing varied clients – from household name brands to ambitious start-ups. Your project management knowledge must be broad. You must feel as comfortable project managing any scope of work – be that a TV advert, PR campaign or web build. You must be confident in being the first port of call for all client relations and have both calmness and character to solve problems, build client relationships and grow accounts commercially.
  • Creative thinking and strategic advice: there will not be a day that goes by where we aren’t spending time coming up with creative ideas to solve our clients’ biggest problems, whether that is how to amplify a new product launch or how to navigate a tricky reputational issue. This is our absolute focus and what sets us apart. You must be able to contribute.
  • Content: you’ll be working with our creative team to hone content and content strategy for clients, whether that is paid, owned, social or earned, whether written, voice or video.
  • New business and marketing: everyone at Boldspace ‘sells’ because we all fundamentally believe in the problems the industry faces and the solutions we are building to solve them. You will play a part in growing the business by supporting marketing activity, writing your own content, attending events and conferences, and creating thought leadership.
  • Systems management: we use the best tech in the business to get the job done – whether that be project management, financial oversight or competitive reviews – so you’ll need to be comfortable diving straight in and learning the ins and outs of each platform.



  • Management: You will feel comfortable leading accounts, both with client relationships and the work itself. You will quickly get to know what work clients want, how they want to work, and who they are – building a great rapport and ensuring a brilliant experience across all touchpoints.
  • Intelligence: fundamentally we want smart people who can provide strategic advice to our clients on some of the biggest issues they face. This doesn’t mean you need an Oxbridge degree – far from it. We want life-clever and book-clever people – preferably, a bit of both.
  • Independence: our culture is about getting the job done, it’s not about a 9-5 job in the office. We want people who are flexible and take responsibility and initiative for their own work, development, and careers. We trust you to do your job and put in 110% – and for that, we provide a culture of ultimate flexibility and trust.
  • Communication: you will have strong communication skills with a focus on both intra- and inter-team collaboration.
  • Writing: you are a strong writer – whether that comes to creative communications, emails, or even social posts – with an ability to think and create at pace.
  • A creative mindset: we need people who have ideas and are not afraid to share them. People who can think about the problems and challenges our clients face and how we can drive real insight and intelligence that helps solve them. We need people who are as data-savvy as they are creative, who are able to search for the right information to inform their ideas and interrogate data to arrive at game-changing concepts for our clients.




We are all different, but we must each find the fire inside us that inspires and enables us to think big, push harder and find our edge. We are unashamedly ambitious and competitive. We must create great work, try to make a dent in everything we touch and win.


We understand finding the best ideas requires us all to be bold, honest, vulnerable, brave and open at all times. We must all contribute. We must seek out and entertain new, conflicting opinions and thoughts to our own. We must be able to disagree, challenge, fail and go again. Boldspace is a safe, empathetic environment for every invention and every failure.


We care about and take pride in every full stop, every spelling, every comma, every line break, every word in every email, every page of every pitch deck, every proof of every document. How we present ourselves and our work is everything. We accept mistakes once, but not the same mistake twice.


Reactivity is never enough. We must all shift the dial, unasked. Each of us must put unprompted items on our to-do lists every week. One additional proactive email, one proactive marketing idea, one proactive quick call. One extra action, that one day, will make a year- changing difference.


We stand together. We care about understanding each other, helping each other, sharing our views, knowledge and passions and absorbing each other’s. We celebrate and respect our diversity – of thought, difference, opinion and experience. Each of us are a crucial, valued component of a bold, shared vision.



BOLDNESS: We are proactively confident and courageous in our attitude and approach.

TRANSPARENCY: We are honest with our clients and each other.

EMPATHY: We care about each other and the world we live in.

CHALLENGE: We question what we are told and how things seem.

PROGRESSIVENESS: Our environment, company, people & product must always be better.



You can expect a truly radical place to work with maximum freedom and benefits:


Learning & development: everyone has a compulsory 1/2 day a month to learn, read and develop where they see fit.

Pensions: a 5% employer contribution.

Equipment: choose your own equipment – let us know which tools you need and we’ll get them for you.

Holiday: unlimited holiday (including all UK public holidays) – we trust our staff to take the time they need and still excel in their jobs – and days off for birthdays and moving house are guaranteed.

Flexible working: complete choice over where you work each day.

Transparent salary bandings: We have a salary framework visible to all to ensure equal pay for equal work and we recognise and reward you when your responsibilities increase.

Socials: team socials regularly, chosen by the team.

Team retreats: time to get to know each other away from the office.

Bonus: transparent bonus structure that includes % of salary based on objectives met, 5% commission on any new business brought into the agency, and £1k employee referral bonus.

Supporting good causes: we contribute some of our outperformance to charitable causes which the team help choose.

Wellness: time within working hours every week for those that want or need it.

Monthly benefits budget: £50 per month, every month, to spend on whatever you want – from a home-delivered vegetable box and discounted gym memberships, to mental health support and professional coaching.



Boldspace measures its performance on profit, people and planet combined. From day one, we will offset your carbon footprint entirely. The cost of this is covered 100% by the company.



Please submit a CV of maximum two pages to