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Boldspace’s Approach to Digital Marketing

Boldspace is a digital marketing agency that specialises in multi-channel digital marketing and integrated marketing services. Boldspace drives award-winning marketing campaigns that win new customers, increase web traffic, boost brand engagement, generate new leads and drive conversions. Boldspace offers an integrated approach to marketing and communications that merges creative digital strategy, data and analytics to drive the best results and ensures Boldspace is one of the best digital marketing agencies in London. We offer exceptional marketing strategy, marketing planning, campaign channel planning, email marketing, social media marketing, Facebook advertising, Instagram advertising, SEO, PPC, paid display campaigns, marketing campaign tracking, campaign analytics and ROI reporting.

Boldspace fuses the most advanced analytics platform, BoldLens™, with the best marketing minds to ensure we have higher visibility of the market, react faster to opportunities and deliver maximum value for clients. Boldspace innovates within and across paid media delivering digital marketing strategies that build brands, content and marketing campaigns more targeted and effective than ever before. We report everything back in real-time and predict what’s coming next. 

Why Boldspace for Digital Marketing Services?

Boldspace is a bold new digital marketing agency model for challenger brands and ambitious businesses on a mission. We to make an objective, positive impact by building meaningful brands and creating bold communications.

Boldspace monitors a Whole World Brand View™, bringing together advertising, marketing and PR. We discover what we call the bold space, the place our clients will win, challenging and guiding them to relevant positionings with creativity, engagement and cost efficiency always paramount. 

Boldspace’s chairman Simon Sherwood was CEO and Chairman of BBH, one of the most successful advertising agencies in history. Co-founder Nick Ford-Young has over 15 years’ experience leading award-winning marketing campaigns at some of London’s best marketing agencies. The wider Boldspace team has decades of experience across integrated marketing and digital marketing, from award-winning luxury and lifestyle marketing to scale-up and start-up technology and healthcare digital marketing.

Until now modern digital marketing for SMEs has lacked the ability to track and address the full media mix that includes owned, paid and earned media, integrating PR. Strategy and creative has been detached from PR, advertising, social and owned channels -instead operating in silos. Boldspace integrates and optimises all marketing, automating the full administration process so clients only pay for work that adds value. We integrate all marketing with advertising and PR activity to turbocharge results.

Our Digital Marketing in Action

Dominic Pimenta, Chairman, Healthcare Workers’ Foundation

I just wanted to take 5 seconds to write you a quick email. I am sort of bowled over by how amazing Boldspace has been, on so many levels, and how professional you guys are. I feel like we have taken a step to the next level and that is really down to you guys. So thank you.

HEROES Case Study

BoldLens™ & Digital Marketing

Boldspace’s proprietary technology platform, BoldLens ™, enables us to inform, measure, track, and optimise marketing campaigns. 

We pull all key stats relevant to our marketing campaigns including paid spend data, earned coverage reporting, content and search performance, competitor comparison and benchmarking, and social media and brand listening. We monitor and optimise all marketing activity as it happens.

We overlay all marketing campaign activity with commercial results, visualised in an incredibly simple format. No vast data reels, no complicated operating systems, no noise. Just what you need to know, in real time. 

We use BoldLens™’ marketing campaign tracking and brand tracking to inform our other services – PR, brand strategy, brand building, brand design, advertising, SEO and growth marketing for challenger brands, scale-up brands and start-up brands.

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We are a bold new agency model for challenger brands and ambitious businesses on a mission. We exist to make an objective, positive impact by building meaningful brands and creating bold communications.

We bring together advertising, marketing and PR through a pioneering approach. We build brands, content and campaigns more targeted and dynamic than ever before.

We report ROI in real time 24/7 through custom dashboards, overlaying all communications activity with commercial results. We call this BoldLens™.

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