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Boldspace’s Approach to Brand Design & Branding Services

Boldspace is a brand design and branding agency that specialises in brand building and bold communications. Boldspace creates award-winning brands through emotive, memorable brand design and brand messaging that makes brands famous, targets new audiences, builds brand salience and wins new business. Boldspace offers an integrated approach to branding that merges brand strategy and beautiful brand design with brand tracking and analytics to drive the best results and ensure Boldspace is one of the best branding agencies in London. We offer exceptional brand strategy, brand design, brand messaging, brand guidelines, creative communications and brand tracking.

Boldspace fuses the most advanced analytics platform, BoldLens™, with the best strategic and creative minds to ensure we have higher visibility of the market, react faster and more creatively to branding and brand messaging opportunities and deliver maximum value for clients. Boldspace builds brands, brand guidelines, content and campaigns more compelling, targeted and effective than ever before. 

Why Boldspace for Brand Design & Branding

Boldspace is a bold, new branding agency model for challenger brands and ambitious businesses on a mission. We to make an objective, positive impact by building meaningful brands and creating bold communications.

Boldspace monitors a Whole World Brand View™, bringing together brand, advertising, marketing and PR. We discover what we call the bold space, the place our clients will win, challenging and guiding them to relevant positionings with creativity, engagement and cost efficiency always paramount.  

Co-founder Nick Ford-Young has over 15 years’ experience building award-winning brands at some of London’s best branding and design agencies. The wider Boldspace team has decades of experience across branding and brand strategy from award-winning luxury and lifestyle branding to healthcare branding, technology scale-up and start-up branding and travel branding to name a few.

Until now brand design and brand messaging for SMEs has lacked the ability to address the full cultural and media landscape that includes insights across owned, paid and earned media. Branding has been detached from advertising, marketing and PR. Boldspace examines and integrates influences across a Whole World Brand View™ that informs the insights that will allow brand design and branding to truly resonate with an audience.

Our Brand Design & Branding in Action

Venetia Wynter-Blyth, Co-founder, ONKO

These guys are amazing. Their enthusiasm, responsiveness, creativity and, most importantly, attention to detail and ‘can-do’ attitude, has brought our company to life in a way that we simply couldn’t have without them.

ONKO Case Study

BoldLens™ & Branding

Boldspace’s proprietary technology platform, BoldLens ™, enables us to inform creative and measure, track, and optimise brand messaging. 

We pull a broad range of stats relevant to our brand research including audience trends and cultural trends, earned coverage engagement, content and search performance, competitor comparison and benchmarking, and social media and brand listening. 

We overlay all ad campaign activity with commercial results, visualised in an incredibly simple format. No vast data reels, no complicated operating systems, no noise. Just what you need to know about your competitive brand landscape, in real time. 

We use BoldLens™’ brand tracking to inform our other services – PR, brand strategy, brand building, advertising, SEO and growth marketing for challenger brands, scale-up brands and start-up brands.

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We are a bold new agency model for challenger brands and ambitious businesses on a mission. We exist to make an objective, positive impact by building meaningful brands and creating bold communications.

We bring together advertising, marketing and PR through a pioneering approach. We build brands, content and campaigns more targeted and dynamic than ever before.

We report ROI in real time 24/7 through custom dashboards, overlaying all communications activity with commercial results. We call this BoldLens™.

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